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4 Takeaways From The Japan Games

If you were among the fans who were less inclined to wake up at a nonsensical time to watch the Raptors and Rockets square off in Tokyo, you’re forgiven. Yes, it’s just pre-season, however watching our squad play 2 moderately competitive 48-minute basketball games against NBA talent beats watching snippets of Pascal Siakam break down … Read more

Season in Recap: A Transformative Journey

The Toronto Raptors end the regular season 2nd in the East with 58 wins. Despite this great finish, any fan will know this season has been far from the ordinary journey. Last season the Raptors had 12 different starting lineups. This year they’ve had 22. This is a testament to their strength in holding the … Read more

The Chronicle of DeMar DeRozan’s Career in Toronto

In what seems like the most anticipated game of the Raptor’s regular season, DeMar DeRozan will return with his San Antonio Spurs teammates to face the Toronto Raptors at Scotiabank Arena on Friday. The league seems abuzz about the game at the moment. The game will be nationally televised in the United States. Masai Ujiri … Read more

Raptors acquire Marc Gasol for Valanciunas, Wright, Miles

Jonas Valanciunas is finally ready to return to the lineup ton- Oh. In another ultra-aggressive move by Masai Ujiri, the Raptors made a splash an hour before the deadline on Thursday, agreeing to a deal with the Grizzlies to acquire three-time All-Star Marc Gasol: Toronto is planning to send Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, CJ Milles and a … Read more

Raptors 2018-19 Projections: The Tragic Tale of Jonas Valanciunas

The Good At 26 years old Jonas Valanciunas is undoubtedly entering the prime of his career. In 2017-18,  22 players averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds at center. Out of all, JV played the least minutes(22.4) ,three less than the second lowest player(Whiteside). He has finally grown into his body, and learned to abuse smaller defenders … Read more

Jonas Valanciunas will be a catalyst for the Raptors

Yup, it’s that time of the year. Get your Itty Bitty Ballers ready, because the Jonas Valanciunas preseason hype vessel takes no prisoners. Welcome aboard. This should be a familiar journey for most of you. A certain, very passionate, group of Toronto’s fanbase has been prophesying Valanciunas’ stardom for as long as he’s been in … Read more

Analyzing Raptors’ big men after Monroe signing

The Raptors flexible big man rotation is a good problem to have. Greg Monroe‘s signing yesterday, 1 year $2.2 million, adds another body to the versatile group. Full information on Monroe signing here. With Monroe, the Raptors now have a total of six “bigs” (4s and 5s) that will be in the rotation. Jonas Valanciunas, … Read more

Report: Raptors Sign Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe drives past Jonas Valanciunas

The Toronto Raptors have beautifully transformed their team into championship contenders. With the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard, many believe the Raptors are a few pieces away from taking the fight to the Golden State Warriors. If the 2011 Dallas Mavericks have taught us anything, it’s that role players are crucial for any and every team. … Read more

Raptors Free Agency Preview: Answering key questions

In a world of cap sheets, qualifying offers, and no money anywhere whatsoever, it can be difficult to understand the decisions that the average NBA team has to make during these next, very eventful few weeks in the NBA free agency market. The Raptors have fired their coach, signed their undrafted free agents, but now … Read more