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Who Should Raptors Fans Be Rooting for in the Play-in Tournament and Playoffs?

For the first time in eight years, the Toronto Raptors will not be playing postseason basketball. Although all Raptors fans are disappointed that they won’t be able to watch their team compete in the playoffs this year, the odds were always stacked against the Toronto Raptors this season. From a COVID outbreak amongst the team … Read more

Three Reasons For Raptors Optimism

The Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics are two of the NBA’s most elite teams. They’re two teams whom, coming into the NBA bubble, were both widely expected to contend for a championship; two teams who are led by young and budding superstars, finally meeting each other for the first time ever in a playoff series. … Read more

Last Week Showed That There’s Still Hope for Stanley Johnson

When the Toronto Raptors had signed Stanley Johnson and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson I was pretty excited; yes, even for Stanley Johnson. You see, given Detroit’s history of stunting the growth of promising talents (most notably Spencer Dinwiddie and Khris Middleton who would both then blossom following their departure), I felt that with enough work, the “Stanimal” … Read more

Who should be the Toronto Raptors’ eighth man?

As the Toronto Raptors’ players begin to settle into their hotels, and the playoffs slowly inch closer, it is time to discuss everyone’s favourite conversation topic, playoff rotations. A typical NBA season will see a team give nine, ten, sometimes even 11 players significant minutes. Due to the Raptors’ crushing injury woe’s, and Nick Nurse’s … Read more

Game 1: Raptors’ Fourth Quarter Collapse

It’s closing time. The score was 83 – 76 and the Raptors held a 7-point lead entering the fourth quarter. Despite leading the game for almost 38 minutes, this was the beginning of the performative collapse for Toronto. So, what happened in the final 12-minutes that led a trailing Bucks team to outscore the Raptors … Read more

Explaining the Raptors’ Game 1 Curse

The Toronto Raptors have struggled in game one of a playoff series. The Raptors are 1 and 10 in the first game of a playoff series since the seven game format was introduced.

Season in Recap: A Transformative Journey

The Toronto Raptors end the regular season 2nd in the East with 58 wins. Despite this great finish, any fan will know this season has been far from the ordinary journey. Last season the Raptors had 12 different starting lineups. This year they’ve had 22. This is a testament to their strength in holding the … Read more

Who is Danny Green and what does he bring to Toronto?

Danny Green

Acquiring Kawhi Leonard is by far the biggest trade in Raptors history. Landing our first superstar (with all due respect to DeRozan) since Vince Carter has given fans a new breath of life. But with all the noise it generated, many missed a key pickup for the Raptors. Enter Danny Green, a well decorated NBA … Read more

Dwane Casey isn’t simply a victim of LeBron, and the Celtics are proving that

Dwayne Casey led the Raptors to the promised land. But it’s what he did once he got there that got him fired. It’s been funny hearing the Stephen A.’s of the world comment on the absurdity and the issues of firing a coach who just won 59 games, as if this was some silly mistake. … Read more