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Raptors Playoff Primer

So here it is. Before the 2019 championship run by the Toronto Raptors, we talked about what made the Toronto Raptors so special. Back then,

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Pascal Siakam does basketball

Pascal Siakam needs more touches

https://embed.sendtonews.com/player2/embedcode.php?SC=ODQ8dLM6yv-479079-8816&autoplay=on&sound=off After suffering a terrifying tumble against the Trail Blazers and missing Sunday’s match-up with the Nuggets, Pascal Siakam made his return to the lineup

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The eccentric evolution of Kyle Lowry

https://embed.sendtonews.com/player2/embedcode.php?SC=FED5zW57Le-471238-8816&autoplay=on&sound=off As an observer of any professional sport, it’s always really easy to say “If [Player X] could just make [Fundamental change to their game

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Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors trying to get around Josh Okogie of the Minnesota Timberwolves

Five Thoughts for Friday

https://embed.sendtonews.com/player2/embedcode.php?SC=8OsLkViT8P-460298-8816&autoplay=on&sound=off It’s Friday, and I’ve got some thoughts. Without further ado: 1. Kawhi Leonard  Who else? “The Klaw” has somehow been even better than advertised.

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