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OG Anunoby’s case to win Defensive Player of the Year

In 2019 after James Harden finished second place in MVP voting to his arch rival, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Harden clamored that his loss was attributable to media generated narratives that favoured Giannis. While his helpless cry to convince the world that he was in fact the best player during the 2018-2019 campaign may not have resonated … Read more

Why Giannis’ extension should put the Raptors in the Harden sweepstakes

The dream of luring Giannis Anetokounmpo to the Toronto Raptors in the summer of 2021 is officially dead. Earlier this week, the Greek Freak posted to Instagram, announcing that he is re-upping with the Milwaukee Bucks, and locking himself in until 2025. In a decision that seems to balance what Giannis believes is right for … Read more

Giannis isn’t coming, but the Raptors will be just fine

In a widely unexpected and gut-wrenching Instagram post that aired shortly after lunchtime on the East coast today, Giannis Antetokounmpo declared to the world that he will be dedicating the next five years of his basketball services to the Milwaukee Bucks. The announcement sent fans of the Toronto Raptors falling into a frenzy, trying to … Read more

How the Raptors matchup against the East’s top teams

The Toronto Raptors have been the best regular season team in the Eastern Conference over the past seven years. They have finished in the top three seeds in six of those seasons, and forth in the other one. During this span, they have amassed a 374-190 record and have six division titles. No team in … Read more

What if the Raptors don’t get Giannis?

The Toronto Raptors are one of the best organizations in any sport at keeping information a secret. Masai Ujuri and Bobby Webster work magic behind the scenes and we rarely catch on to their plans. For the first time, we know exactly what their master plan is. The Raptors have done everything to keep a … Read more

Grading every Raptors move this offseason

How well has Raptors management handled this offseason? Have they gotten significantly better? I don’t think so. Significantly worse? Wrong again. So let’s go through every move the Raptors have made up to this point in the offseason and grade each one, and then average them out to decide how well it’s really gone. The … Read more

Post-Free Agency Power Rankings

Welcome to the first rendition of our Raptors Cage weekly power rankings! This will be released every Friday from now through the NBA playoffs in June. These have changed a lot in the past few days, with players changing teams in a very eventful free agency and trading period. For now we assume players like … Read more

Why all NBA players should want to play for the Raptors

For too long, there has been a notion that American NBA players don’t want to play for Canada’s team. However, after building a winning culture, showcasing that Toronto is a beautiful city, and even capturing a league championship, the tides are set to swing in the Raptors’ favour. With the initial frenzy of the 2020 … Read more

This offseason makes it clear: the Raptors want Giannis

Breaking news (not really): the Toronto Raptors want Giannis Antetokounmpo. Bending news: so does every other basketball team on planet Earth. But what’s less malleable than the latter report is that the Raptors have begun to make tough decisions this offseason, indicating that they are all-in on bringing the Greek Freak to the North side. … Read more

What Adebayo’s extension means for the Raptors pursuit of Giannis

Earlier today, the Miami Heat signed their young star, Bam Adebayo, to a five-year, $163 million maximum contract extension. The deal sent shockwaves throughout the NBA, not because Bam was undeserving of the contract, but because the deal sacrifices Miami’s salary cap flexibility for next summer, and greatly impedes their ability to sign Giannis Antetokounmpo. … Read more