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Matchups to look out for ahead of Game 2

With Game 2 of the NBA finals just hours away, in which the Toronto Raptors will participate (no, you’re not dreaming), Raptors fans should be prepared for the Warriors to come out of the gates sprinting. For any team starting a series on the road, the goal is always to steal at least one game, … Read more

Raptors-Warriors Game 2 Adjustments

On Thursday night, NBA fans across the world witnessed history: the first-ever NBA Finals game played outside of the United States. Along with that, they saw what was likely the beginning of the first truly competitive finals since 2016, featuring eight recent, and current All-Stars, 3 MVP candidates, and 3 former defensive players of the … Read more

Attacking Golden State: Another Breakdown

Throughout their historic playoff run, the Toronto Raptors have faced 2 of the 5 most efficient defenses in the postseason. The Philadelphia 76ers, as they happen to be number 5, and the Milwaukee Bucks who rank as the top defense out of the 16 playoff teams. Starting on Thursday, Toronto will be matched up with … Read more

1-on-1 with Warriors reporter Kerith Burke: The Raptors from Golden State’s perspective, Drake vs. E40 and more

After four consecutive Finals against the Cavaliers, the Warriors know the city of Cleveland all too well. The local restaurants, the hotels and even the smell of the locker room. That’s why, while the NBA is fascinated with the first ever Finals game outside of the US, for the Warriors, facing off against Kawhi Leonard and the … Read more

The Raptors: An Underdog Mentality

Ibaka: "I don't care what talent you have, if you don't have toughness you're not going to be here. We're here today and we won tonight's game because we have toughness…" pic.twitter.com/i6pQU2ClWZ — Josh Lewenberg (@JLew1050) May 26, 2019 Imagine hearing in 2017 that in 2019, Kawhi Leonard would be donning a Raptors jersey and … Read more

24 Years In The Making: The Raptors are headed to the NBA Finals

Tonight in downtown Toronto, horns honked, fans chanted, buses jumped on and firecrackers were set off. Enjoy it, Raptors fans. They really did it. Toronto isn’t supposed to be the city where the masses gather in the epicenter of the NBA. They never were. But this week, the spotlight will be right here when the … Read more

One Game Away: If This Is A Dream, Please Don’t Wake Us Up

After Cleveland swept away the Raptors in May of last year- the third 4-0 loss in four years for Toronto- you couldn’t have scripted it any better if you were given three wishes from a genie (shoutout to Steph Curry’s terrible Aladdin commercial). Hell, after Fred VanVleet averaged 2 points for an entire series you … Read more