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The Early Signs Of Bench Mob 2.0

Remember back in the 2017-2018 season, when the Toronto Raptors were led by best friends DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, had Dwane Casey at the helm of the team, and the narrative going into the playoffs was that “we didn’t need a third superstar to finally compete with LeBron James, because our sensational bench of … Read more

Trading DeMarre Carroll was the Toronto Raptors’ best offseason move

When the Toronto Raptors signed DeMarre Carroll in 2015 he instantly became one of the franchise’s most hyped signings and rightfully so. Carroll was coming off a career year with the 60 win Atlanta Hawks. During that very season, he averaged a career best 14.6 points, 2 assists and 6.1 rebounds per game. Carroll’s value was … Read more

3 Small Forwards the Toronto Raptors should target this Summer

Plenty of uncertainty surrounds the Toronto Raptors as the 2017 off-season begins. Of course, Kyle Lowry is a free agent and has made it clear that his decision on where to play next season (and beyond) relies completely on who gives him the best chance to win a ring. The Raptors also have the impending free agency of Serge … Read more

Two Basketball Pros Battle Off the Court for Charity

This season’s wild playoff run isn’t the only thing keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Toronto’s DeMarre Carroll and Cory Joseph have teamed up to help The Carroll Family Foundation while battling for beard glory. This four-week competition, now in full swing, kicked off on April 10 with a shave-down event in which … Read more

A Raptors rant, after the most embarrassing performance I have ever seen

Being a die-hard Toronto Raptors fan dating back to my elementary school days, I have seen a lot of shit. However, nothing quite compares to what I witnessed last night. Losing a game is one thing. However, losing a game 104-77 to a Milwaukee Bucks team that fields two rookies in their starting line-up, is absolutely disgusting. This is … Read more

Game Day Preview: Lowry, Raptors hope to rebound against Bucks in Game 2

The Toronto Raptors stayed true to tradition and once again lost game 1 of their playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks, 97-83. This may come as a surprise to some but others have gotten used to game 1 losses. I, myself, believe the Raptors lose game 1’s on purpose as part of a strategy to scout their opponents. … Read more

Toronto Raptors Postgame: Raptors offence falls flat in series opener

    First Half The Toronto Raptors opened their First Round Series against the Milwaukee Bucks, Saturday evening. Off the opening tip, you could tell the Raptors were fired up. Unfortunately for Toronto, the energy did not last. After finishing a lacklustre First Quarter down 30-22, the Raptors would try to turn things around in … Read more

Series Preview: Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks

The 2016-17 Toronto Raptors will look to build on the success achieved by last years squad, who made an appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals. The next step for this team, logically, is to reach the NBA Finals and capture the organization’s first-ever world championship. The quest starts Saturday, April 15 when the Raptors host the Milwaukee … Read more

Should the Toronto Raptors look to lure Cousins or Thompson?

The Toronto Raptors have accumulated enough assets to acquire some big names on the trade market should they seek this desire. Early season trade talks have begun and two key names have been thrown around in DeMarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson. The Raptors have the chips to trade for either one of these All-Stars and as the rumours continue the question … Read more

Lack of three point shooting could burn Raptors

Through two games, the Toronto Raptors look like a very good team. The Raptors are as tough as they have been, providing to be too tough for the Detroit Pistons and pushing the Cleveland Cavaliers to the brink. With that in mind however, the core issues that have plagued the team at times still appear to be present. Seeing Jonas Valanciunas ride the bench … Read more