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Remembering Amir Johnson, the heart and soul of Toronto

Amir Johnson‘s time in Toronto has ended. It’s been a few days since this statement has become a reality, yet still, the words hurt no less. Why? This is a guy that poured out heart and soul every single time he took the floor, regardless of the team’s circumstances. The fact that he’s seen the … Read more

#NorthernNostalgia Week 12: Toronto Raptors Bench Bosses

In 20 years of Toronto Raptors history they have had a total of 8 head coaches. So, it is clear that being the head coach for this franchise has never been looked upon as a long-term gig. Most of these coaches came from the ranks of being an assistant coach, and many have returned there after their run in … Read more

Why This Year’s Raptors Squad Offers Hope For The Future

 The Toronto Raptors have existed for 19 years. Throughout their entire history they have made the playoffs five times, advanced to the second round once, and have only won a single division crown. This year’s team looks to be one of the few good teams in franchise history. They are offering promise not only for this season, but for future seasons … Read more

Top 10 Toronto Raptors In Franchise History

This upcoming 2013-2014 season is sure to be a memorable one for the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are heading into their 19th season in the NBA. Nostalgia never hurt anyone, so what better way to celebrate a relatively unsuccessful franchise than by reminiscing on the past? This top 10 list isn’t about the “what ifs” … Read more

Calling Out Tim Leiweke

With his slicked back hair, smooth tongue, and somewhat proven track record, new MLSE President Tim Leiweke has won over the majority of Toronto fans with his championship promises. While this is a refreshing mentality to posses, there are some things that irk me about Mr Leiweke. His ego and cockiness takes MLSE to new ‘big-shot’ heights, … Read more

Bryan Colangelo Officially Removed From Raptors Organization

Bryan Colangelo has stepped down as president of the Toronto Raptors organization under his own will after being succeeded by Masai Ujiri. He will stay as a consultant for MLSE until a better job opportunity opens up. “Having had a better chance to reflect on things for the past several weeks, I have concluded that stepping away from … Read more

Six Steps to Rebranding the Toronto Raptors

Since the new Chief Executive Officer of MLSE Tim Leiweke took over, some major moves have been made for the Toronto Raptors organization. With what started out as a mere cleanup of the front office and other lingering pieces has turned into a complete franchise face-lift: something much needed for a team with storied losing … Read more

To Tank, Or Not To Tank

With the hiring of Masai Ujiri taking over as the new general manager for this team, the talk surrounding Raptor land is beginning to surface around which exact road the Toronto Raptors will be taking heading into next season. While many appear to believe that this team is a lock for the playoffs next year, … Read more

Rebuilding Kyle Lowry And Dwane Casey’s Relationship Key To Raptors’ Success

This Toronto Raptors team made a trade in the off-season of 2012, to acquire a player who they would name, their “point guard of the future”. The  Raptors had dealt a protected 1st round pick (with multiple protections), and Gary Forbes, to the Houston Rockets to acquire guard, Kyle Lowry, who was coming off an … Read more

Masai Ujiri Will Not Magically Save The Raptors

5 years, 15 million. Reigning executive of the year. Reputable name with high hopes and tons of pressure. By this basis, the differences between Bryan Colangelo and Masai Ujiri are very little. Colangelo was brought to the Toronto Raptors organization in 2006, and fans reacted a very similar way. ‘Brilliant move by MLSE, finally a reputable GM in Toronto’. It’s understandable … Read more