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What To Remember From A Game To Remember

They say that you should start your day off doing something you love. Do yourself a favour, press play on the video below, and re-live what we witnessed last night. Most Raptors fans probably haven’t derived as much happiness from a regular season basketball game as they did last night since, well… the last time … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors win streak gets bigger in Dallas

The Toronto Raptors managed to make it out of Dallas with their perfect record in tact after a hard fought 102-91 win over the Dallas Mavericks. The Dinos now improve to 4-0 with three games to go on their first road trip of the season. The Raptors started the game on fire, quickly building a 24-16 … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors fly south to face Dallas Mavericks

The Toronto Raptors look to maintain a perfect record as they head to Dallas to begin a four game road trip in which they will suit up against tougher competition than they’ve faced thus far in the season. Though this is a drastically different Dallas Mavericks team than in years past, they still have quite a … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors drop third straight game, lose to Dallas

The Toronto Raptors ended up dropping their third straight game, losing 99-92 in a chippy battle against the Dallas Mavericks. With the loss, the Raptors end their 4-game road trip with a losing record of 1-3. Their lone win coming on the first game of the series against the Atlanta Hawks. This game was once … Read more

#NorthernNostalgia Week 12: Toronto Raptors Bench Bosses

In 20 years of Toronto Raptors history they have had a total of 8 head coaches. So, it is clear that being the head coach for this franchise has never been looked upon as a long-term gig. Most of these coaches came from the ranks of being an assistant coach, and many have returned there after their run in … Read more

From Hero To Zero: Andrea Bargnani

Since the post-Chris Bosh era took place in Toronto, it was fairly evident who was next in line to be the new face of this Raptors’ franchise. Although there wasn’t an extraordinary amount of talent on the Toronto Raptors’ squad since the departure of Chris Bosh, there was still one man who was believed to … Read more

Hear Me Out: The Andrea Bargnani Situation

“With the first pick in the 2006 NBA Draft the Toronto Raptors select Andrea Bargnani from Italy”. These words from David Stern have haunted me since that illustrious draft. A draft filled with talents like Rudy Gay, my pick (Rajon Rondo), LaMarcus Aldridge…and the list goes on. All players that have panned out much better … Read more