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Leiweke officially leaves MLSE; John Cassaday to take over

The man who has had more impact than any player for the Toronto Raptors is headed to Miami to join David Beckham in his new MLSE venture. As reported by @HeraldSports, MLSE president/CEO Tim Leiweke to join David Beckham’s @MLS Miami group. #TSN pic.twitter.com/plugf1wXtR — SportsCentre (@SportsCentre) October 20, 2015 Tim Leiweke’s departure has been inevitable for a while now, … Read more

Raptors unveil All-Star game logo, confirm D-league team

There is finally a little bit of positivity for Toronto Raptors fans today. The team unveiled the 2016 NBA All-Star game logo(s), and Tim Leiweke confirmed that they will indeed have a GTA. Incoming media content: Leiweke says the Raptors will have their own D-League affiliate for this coming season — Josh Lewenberg (@JLew1050) May 27, 2015 Guess would … Read more

Report: Leiweke to leave MLSE in 2015

UPDATE – August 21st Leiweke will be leaving MLSE by June of 2015. MLSE confirms Tim Leiweke is leaving the company. Will stay until June 2015. — Luke Wileman (@LukeWileman) August 21, 2014 Leiweke "with new opportunities on horizon, it’s time for me to begin the transition from sports & entertainment executive to entrepreneur." — … Read more

Kyle Lowry’s Will to Win is the Driving force of Toronto Raptors Success This Season

‘ That’s it. You’re shut down. You’re done. You’re finished. You’re done for the night. And you’re done for a couple of games here… you gotta rest.’ According to Tim Leiweke, the President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, this is what the medical staff tried telling the ultra-competitive Kyle Lowry with the Toronto Raptors leading the Oklahoma City … Read more

Report: Raps Considering Bringing Back The Purple?

According to reports from NBC’s ProBasketballTalk and Uni Watch, the Toronto Raptors front office are considering bringing back the purple jerseys as an alternate to wear a few times a season. In my opinion, this is something that should have been done quite a long time ago. With Tim Leiweke insisting that a logo and jersey change is inevitable as … Read more

Toronto To Host 2016 All-Star Game

All of basketball’s best – north of the border. It’s happening. Toronto will host the 2016 NBA All-star weekend. This isn’t fake. Tim Leiweke finally put some money where his mouth is. It’s well overdue, however it still feels damn good. It’s about time Toronto got some recognition as a premier city. How the 4th largest city in North … Read more

Calling Out Tim Leiweke

With his slicked back hair, smooth tongue, and somewhat proven track record, new MLSE President Tim Leiweke has won over the majority of Toronto fans with his championship promises. While this is a refreshing mentality to posses, there are some things that irk me about Mr Leiweke. His ego and cockiness takes MLSE to new ‘big-shot’ heights, … Read more

The Raptors Are Not Tanking

The Toronto Raptors are not going to be tanking the 2013-14 season, at least initially. I can’t promise you anything, but everything Masai Ujiri says continues to hint at a ‘go for it’ campaign rather than a #TankForWiggins effort. “We are going to be aggressive out there but we also have to see what we have on … Read more