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The NBA purgatory that the Raptors must avoid

After a soul-crushing Game 3 loss, The Toronto Raptors are 48 minutes away from being eliminated by the Cavaliers for the third straight year and the second time being swept. Believe me, I am extremely tired of the LeBronto Jokes and the LeBron memes of him owning our franchise, but at this point we are … Read more

Post Game: A Win Is A Win- Raps Bounce Back Against The Bobcats

Well, a win is a win. The Toronto Raptors were able to come up big in the fourth quarter to beat the Charlotte Bobcats, 92-78 Friday night. Coming off a terrible, terrible loss against the Boston Celtics, you would think the Raptors should come out with the win tonight, as they did, but it didn’t … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors Not Able To Come Out Of L.A With A Series Sweep

After a terrific performance in a blow out win over the Phoenix Suns Wednesday night, the Toronto Raptors weren’t able to get over the hump against the Los Angeles Lakers Friday night on the road. This was a high scoring affair, 118-116, it finished off with 5 extra minutes of overtime. This game was very entertaining, while … Read more

Post Game Report Card: The Streak Ends at 5 Games, the Raptors Lose to the Grizz

The Toronto Raptors (22-33) weren’t able to extend their winning streak to six games after a tough home loss to the Memphis Grizzlies (35-18). This  game was filled with emotions due to the return of former Raptors Ed Davis and Jerryd Bayless, as well as Rudy Gay facing his former team.  Both teams came out flat, … Read more

Post Game Report Card: The Streak Continues, Raptors Bump Off the Knicks on the Road

The Toronto Raptors (21-32) were able to extend their winning streak to four games by knocking off division rival the New York Knicks (32-18). What was supposed to be an exciting offensive matchup between Rudy Gay and Carmelo Anthony turned into an exchange of brick after brick, making this game hard to watch at some moments. … Read more

The Toronto Raptors Finally Break Through

Today was a day of breakthrough’s. Raptors Cage has debuted, Terrence Ross found his shooting stroke, and most importantly, the Toronto Raptors finally snapped out of their funk. The Raps took down the Dallas Mavericks, absolutely killing them by a score of 95-74, and to say they needed it was an understatement. The Raps have … Read more