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The NBA purgatory that the Raptors must avoid

After a soul-crushing Game 3 loss, The Toronto Raptors are 48 minutes away from being eliminated by the Cavaliers for the third straight year and the second time being swept. Believe me, I am extremely tired of the LeBronto Jokes and the LeBron memes of him owning our franchise, but at this point we are … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors Need A Win vs Lakers To Save Their Season

The Toronto Raptors are coming off of three consecutive losses to start their road trip, and will head into a building where they have historically underperformed. The Los Angeles Lakers are also struggling on both ends of the court, reason for the their lowly, unimpressive record. The Raptors (7-6) after sitting at the top of … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors’ take on new-look Pacers in season opener

The long wait is finally over; the Toronto Raptors are back in action tonight, after a suffering and damaging loss to the Washington Wizards last year in the playoffs. The Raptors (0-0) open up the season against the Indiana Pacers (0-0) who will be with their superstar wing player, Paul George. Toronto added a handful … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors get 30th win of the season vs. Pacers

The Toronto Raptors secured their 30th win of the season tonight after defeating the Indiana Pacers 104-91. The win also allows the Raptors to move into second in the East for the time being barring a Wizards loss later this evening. The Raptors push their current winning streak to 3 games and look to have … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors look to get back on track vs lowly Pacers

How things have changed. A year ago, this would have been a huge statement game for the Toronto Raptors. Going up against a top seeded Indiana Pacers team, the Raps would have had their hands full with Paul George and Lance Stephenson. But with George’s unfortunate injury and Stephenson’s departure, this Pacers team has crumbled. They currently sit at 7-15, which is good … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors Fall Short in hard fought effort against the Pacers

Tonight the Toronto Raptors played a very good Indiana Pacers basketball team and came up short. Both teams were affected by the recent cold weather and weren’t able to make it into Indiana until earlier this afternoon. In a matchup of two defensive minded teams, this game was exactly what you’d expect; a grinder. The … Read more

The Undervalued Signing of D.J. Augustin

There’s always something about the underdog everybody seems to like. In this case, that underdog is the Toronto Raptors backup point-guard D.J. Augustin. Let’s face it, when the Raptors have a quality undersized point guard good things always seem to happen. Standing 5’10 among the trees of the NBA, DJ has always been at a physical … Read more

Game Day Preview: The Toronto Raptors Try To Take The Season Series Against The Indiana Pacers

The Toronto Raptors (23-35) are travelling back home from a poor effort against the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday night, to take on the Indiana Pacers (36-22). This in an incredibly important game, nonetheless an incredibly important next stretch of games if the Raptors hope to make the 8th and final seed in the conference playoffs. Blowing … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors Try to Get Their Groove Back Against the Pacers

The Toronto Raptors (17-32) are trying to get back on the right track with a game against the Indiana Pacers (31-19) tonight. The Raptors are coming off yet another disappointing fourth quarter meltdown at the hands of the Boston Celtics, where the Raptors lead by ten to start the final quarter of regulation. The Raptors are currently … Read more