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Fellow coaches name Casey Coach of the Year

In the aftermath of an embarrassing sweep by the hand of the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second straight year the Toronto Raptors franchise has something to be proud of. Head Coach Dwane Casey today was awarded the National Basketball Coaches Association’s Michael H. Goldberg NBCA Coach of the Year Award. ” It honors the spirit … Read more

How LeBron picked the Raptors defense apart in Game 2

LeBron James‘ 43 points and 14 assists in game 2 last night proves the more things change, the more things stay the same when it comes to the King against the Raptors. The Toronto Raptors 128-110 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, considering the expectations and hype, is one of the most painful losses in franchise history. … Read more

RaptorsCage predicts Cavs-Raptors series after game 1

Jared– Finally. It’s what everything’s been building up to. With an incredibly tired Cavs team on short rest sporting a very, very flawed roster with few contributors, if the Raptors are ever going to beat the Cavs, it has to be now. Kevin Love, who killed the Raps in the last two showings against them, … Read more

The Raptors’ best shot in Round 2? Let the King stay the King

“The king, he move one space any damn direction he choose, because he’s the king. But he ain’t got no hustle.” This, of course, is a quote from Season 1 of  ‘The Wire,’ where D’Angelo spots his boys Bodie and Wallace playing checkers on a chess board and teaches them how to play chess. On … Read more