Raptors Cage


After a series of internet-breaking moves early in the morning on Saturday, the Toronto Raptors once again find themselves in a familiar spot: mediocrity. From July 18th, 2019, until 1:59AM this morning, we were living in a dream, and we’ll have the pictures, videos, film, merchandise, and memories until the day we die. But it’s … Read more

The Decision: Last Minute Thoughts

It’s Friday July 5th, 2019, and Kawhi Leonard is a free agent. He is expected to make his decision tonight or tomorrow, and for all of us Raptors fans, it is crucial to be constantly refreshing our Twitter feed like maniacs. No matter what happens though, we’re champions. Our name is in the books forever, … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors hold on for win against Clippers

The Toronto Raptors finished a 5 game Western Conference road trip with their second straight win, taking down the LA Clippers 91-80. At halftime the Raptors led by 29 points, having outscored the Clippers 30-11 in the second quarter. The third quarter saw LA storm back as the Raptors offence struggled to put up points … Read more