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Breaking Down The 5 Most Valuable Raptors Right Now

With the 2021-2022 regular season all wrapped up, it’s safe to say that the Toronto Raptors are ahead of schedule. For a team that traded away the greatest and most accomplished player in franchise history this past offseason, expectations for the squad this season were fairly low. The 2021 NBA draft landed them Scottie Barnes; … Read more

Boston, or Philly? How each scenario occurs

Since the inception of the 2021-2022 season, it seemed like an inevitability that the Raptors would fare better than their surveyors expected. Simply said, the construction of their roster was far superior to what last year’s record in Tampa suggested. Betting sites, such as jeuxdecartes.net projected the Raptors regular season win total to net out … Read more

Raptors Playoff Primer

So here it is. Before the 2019 championship run by the Toronto Raptors, we talked about what made the Toronto Raptors so special. Back then, it was the combination of elite defence, and three point shooting that boosted the Raptors into playoff contending status, and ultimately, their first ever championship. That 2019 team boasted NBA … Read more

After years of wanting him, Raptors add Thad Young

Amid a deadline week that was fuller of roster-altering possibilities than the Southbound TTC Subway carts at 8:00am on a Wednesday, the Toronto Raptors made one defining move – to further bolster their frontcourt depth and take another stroke into the depths end of their all-6’9″ philosophy. In Bobby Webster’s Thursday afternoon media availability, he … Read more

Raptors vs Rockets – Toronto’s AAU Travel Squad

It’s trade deadline day and the Raptors went all in on their philosophy. Trading for 6’8″ Thaddeus Young, and benching one of their only three players under 6’7″, Fred VanVleet. Just kidding, he didn’t get benched… He’s getting bought out. All good though, Toronto’s real best player was still available. Again, just jokes… Go Team … Read more

How each major event thus far impacts the Raptors

Today was a busy trade-deadline-eve-eve which saw two of this year’s biggest dominoes fall. Alas, CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard have been separated, as have Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner. Several new reports and rumours were leaked – for reason of truth or for reason of manipulation – and a few of them have material … Read more

Assessing the Raptors trade deadline plans

There may not be a season in Toronto Raptors history more fitted to pose the following philosophical question: “Is the glass half empty, or half full?” The reason being this: currently, the Raptors starting lineup scores at the second best rate in the league. Putting up 84.8 points per game, they trail only the Milwaukee … Read more

Three Raptors Most Likely To Be Traded Before The Deadline

Anybody who pays attention to the news and rumours mill in the NBA knows one thing about the Raptors: they’re a top-heavy team. Seemingly, Nick Nurse has admitted to his competition that this is the shallowest team he’s had to coach in years. Over the last seven games, the Raptors have paid a majority of … Read more