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Raptors 2K24 Ratings: Accurate or Not?

Attention, Raptors fanatics and armchair analysts! Every year, players and fans alike come together to take advantage of the unique opportunity NBA 2K presents us, to feel slighted by low ratings and petition the developers of the game we all know and (some) love on behalf of our favourite players. Today we’ll dissect, scrutinize, and … Read more

Season Highlights: Reflecting On the Raptors Through Statistics

By Scott Engel, The Game Day The Raptors’ 2022 season certainly did not end as hoped, with a 35-point loss to Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The series loss was no major surprise, of course, as going up against Joel Embiid, James Harden, and the ascending Tyrese Maxey would … Read more

Breaking Down The 5 Most Valuable Raptors Right Now

With the 2021-2022 regular season all wrapped up, it’s safe to say that the Toronto Raptors are ahead of schedule. For a team that traded away the greatest and most accomplished player in franchise history this past offseason, expectations for the squad this season were fairly low. The 2021 NBA draft landed them Scottie Barnes; … Read more

2021 NBA Re-draft: Top Ten Picks

It’s been 154 days since the 2021 NBA Draft, which inherently makes the idea of re-drafting the top ten picks, even if it’s existence is limited to the confines of this article, premature. However, with most of the notable rookies having played at least 25 games thus far – which has led to some turbulence … Read more

5 stats that prove how special Scottie Barnes is

Entering the 2021-2022 NBA season, the Raptors were tasked with addressing a plethora of unknowns. Their unique amalgamation of players that seemingly all fit into similar spots on the court begged the question of how Nick Nurse would manage his rotations. How would the rebounding fare without a single player standing taller than six-foot-ten? Who … Read more

Checking in on Scottie Barnes’ ROTY Case

Everybody wants to win an award that they feel they deserve. Like two teenagers who both aced their final calculus exam staring at each other during their high school graduation, wondering who will take home the Mathematics Award, Scottie Barnes and Evan Mobley are glaring each other in the eyes at the top of the … Read more

Assessing the early returns on the Anunoby-Barnes-Siakam frontcourt

When the Toronto Raptors drafted Scottie Barnes fourth overall at the 2021 NBA Draft, they shocked the world – not because Barnes was undeserving of a top-four selection, but because his counterpart, Jalen Suggs, was picked by the consensus to don a dinosaur this season. Also, with this pick, the Raptors revealed how their roster … Read more

How the return of Siakam and Watanabe could affect the Raptors rotation

75 years ago, the NBA hosted its first game in Toronto, Canada, between two teams named the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies. On November 1st 2021, when the NBA celebrated its 75th anniversary, the New York Knicks hosted the Toronto Raptors at the Madison Square Garden, where the Raptors emerged victorious, clinching their … Read more

3 themes from the first 2 weeks of the Raptors season

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already two weeks deep into the 2021-2022 NBA season, and there is a lot to unpack from around the league. Kyrie Irving still hasn’t suited up for the Brooklyn Nets. The Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons seem to be no nearer to a resolution than they were at their … Read more