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2021 NBA Re-draft: Top Ten Picks

It’s been 154 days since the 2021 NBA Draft, which inherently makes the idea of re-drafting the top ten picks, even if it’s existence is limited to the confines of this article, premature. However, with most of the notable rookies having played at least 25 games thus far – which has led to some turbulence … Read more

Raptors Cage’s 2021 NBA Mock Draft

Detroit Pistons – Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State University, Guard To say that the Motor City has been suffering over the past decade would be an understatement. For a city with so much history, the story is the same on the basketball court. This pick may well be what the Pistons faithful need to revive their … Read more

Where to go with #4: Jalen Suggs scouting report

Name: Jalen Suggs Dominant Hand: Right Age: 20.1 Height: 6’4 Wingspan: 6’5 Weight: 205 lbs School: Gonzaga Position: Combo Guard ESPN Top 100 Ranking: 4 Character The Toronto Raptors scouting and development staff have built a glorious reputation for themselves by consistently finding steals late in the draft. Look no further than Pascal Siakam, OG … Read more

Raptors Cage Poll: Who do the Raptors draft at #4?

The Toronto Raptors will have a top five pick in the NBA Draft for the first time since 2011, and there has not been a better time to own the fourth overall pick in just as long. The 2021 class of talent is said to have four players who stand out above the rest: Cade … Read more