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How to beat LeBron’s Cavs? Do what Indiana couldn’t

At the start of the season, nobody would have bet that the Raptors would be a betting favourite with few days rest before playing the Cavaliers. It’s been a major role reversal this season, and this time it’s the Cavaliers that have the one day rest before their encounter with Toronto after a hard-fought seven … Read more

Takeaways from Game 1 of Raptors-Wizards

The Raptors are already shaking narratives around their postseason woes after only 48 minutes of basketball on Saturday. The infamous streak of 10 straight Game 1 losses has been bucked, and Raps fans can remain hopeful that it was just the start of great things to come. With that in mind, what can we take … Read more

Why Game 1 against Washington is a must-win

The playoffs are finally here and we have ourselves a first round date with the Washington Wizards. It didn’t seem likely that the Wizards would fall to the eight seed but losing nine of their last twelve games certainly helped. The regular season series between these two teams were split at two games a piece, … Read more

Game 1 will set the tone for Raptors-Wizards series

“Our Game 1 is our Game 7 tomorrow.” One day before the Raptors begin their first-round series with the Wizards, Kyle Lowry left it all on the table. Toronto has lost its last 10 Game 1s as a franchise. The last seven have featured Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. If the pressure to finally take a … Read more

Nervous about Round 1? Vegas disagrees

Never is it more apparent than from the end of the regular season to the start of the playoffs that the national pastime of Canada is worrying about our basketball team. No matter the team, no matter the opponent, no matter the seed, Raptors fans love to express about their uneasiness towards the playoffs, and … Read more