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Post Game Report Card: #LowryTime returns as the Raptors steal game 3 vs. Heat

The Toronto Raptors finally managed to put together their most complete game of the series and steal a win from the Miami Heat in game 3. Normally after a victory I’m excited, however this sort of win brings me a confident calmness. The Raptors proved in the regular season that they were a good team, … Read more

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade continues to shoot around during Canadian national anthem

If you didn’t already have enough reasons to hate the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade, here is another one. Below is a clip of Wade blatantly continuing to shoot around as the Canadian national anthem plays. If this were the other way around, you bet there would be an American outcry. Pretty disrespectful if you ask me. On top of that, … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors look to regain home court in Game 2

  After another nail-biting finish in overtime, The Toronto Raptors were able to come out on top and take Game 2 to even the series. Now the Raptors take their talents to South Beach in hopes of continuing their momentum against the Miami Heat. Game 2 was a story of yet another blown lead for … Read more