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Social Media Roundup: NBA, Toronto Raptors

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This is the time of year that all NBA basketball fans dread. A time when the post free agency lull is in full effect in the world of hoops and we fruitlessly scour the web for any meaningful news. Alas, these are the dog days of summer. Nowadays one might resort to sitting through one of NBA TV Canada‘s patchwork re-runs of meaningless midseason Toronto Raptors games or spend a couple hours on the GD’s Highlights’ youtube page watching clips of the good old days (five months ago). When you finally grow tired of that you might pick up your smart phone and peruse Twitter or Instagram to see what our favourite millionaires are up to as we suffer in silence.

Off seasons in professional sports have long occupied this polarizing space in our society; Players love it, but it’s a fan’s worst enemy. Luckily we now live in era where the end of the season doesn’t mean we lose touch with the players we live vicariously through until October. A simple tap of the ‘Follow’ button on any social media platform could grant you round-the-clock access to everything taking place in Player X’s world on any given day.

In case you didn’t get your dose of NBA social media news this week I’ve compiled some of my favourite blurbs and soundbites of all things hoops. So with no further a due I bring to you the inaugural weekly social media round up. Shall we begin?

Let’s start this thing off with some homegrown talent. This epic photo is easily my favourite ‘Straight Outta’ themed post and its good to know that Toronto is on Tristan Thompson‘s mind as he navigates through some ongoing contractual negotiations. I’m not saying… I’m just saying.


A post shared by Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13) on

Let’s keep this Toronto theme going for a bit. Have you guys seen DeMarre Carroll‘s rediculous shoe closet. We all know these guys are unbelievably wealthy but sometimes it takes photos like these for it to really sink in. The man has a bedroom for his shoes…

Next stop is the BMO youth basketball camp where we find Kyle Lowry looking as skinny as I can ever remember him being. Also check out the Yeezy Boosts, the only thing that wasn’t in Demarre’s shoe closet.


You think Patrick Patterson got the memo that it’s Toronto Men’s Fashion Week?


Now let’s meet Bruno Coboclo‘s sister Angelica as she takes home a giant trophy for winning what I assume was a pretty important volleyball match. This would be more interesting if it was the most important volleyball related thing that I managed to dig up from NBA social media this week, but… stay tuned…


Ok, now let’s have some fun. It’s no secret that Drake and Steph Curry enjoy each other’s work, but this post from Wardell’s camp takes their beige affinity for each other to another level #TrussMiDaddi

Anybody remember that hilarious photo of Lebron, CP3, and D-Wade on the world’s most awkward banana boat date? Well it just got a little bit funnier.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Dwight Howard on a camel… No, seriously. Add this to the list of things he does while he should be practicing his free throws.


A post shared by Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward) on

Also, this week Matt Barnes starred in one of the funniest cases of unrequited love in NBA history.

Next up is probably the most accurate impersonation of notoriously hotheaded NBA referee Joey Crawford that you will ever find. If you aren’t familiar with this guy’s stuff go scroll through his Twitter or Instagram, you won’t regret it. I laughed so hard at this that I got a tech.

And who could forget when earlier this week Laker’s rookie D’Angelo Russell accidentally said out loud that former Raptor Tracy McGrady might have been the GOAT. But the way I see it, anybody could have forgotten that they’re teammates with Kobe Freaking Bryant. Jk.

D russell tmac

D’Angelo’s tweet was deleted soon after, but not before the Mamba got word of the bold claim.

I call dibs on the patent for the #JusticeForD’Angelo shirts that will undoubtably make me a rich man once word of Kobe’s abuse of the rookie in practice goes public mid December.

And last, but not least, Leandro Barbosa introduced me to the coolest sport I didn’t know existed.

Seriously though, who doesn’t want to find some sand and a net and go play some good old footvolley right now? I can’t be alone here. *slowly comes to the tragic realization that he is probably alone here*

I hope this mitigated the suffering for a few minutes. Till next time, friends.



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