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Raptors-Wizards Post-Game 1 Series Predictions

Now that we’ve seen a glimmer of what the series is going to look like, here’s some predictions for the rest of the series from a few of our staff. Christian Jope: Toronto showed up in Game 1 against Washington. That’s for sure. With contributors across the line the strength of the Raps was fully … Read more

What is the Raptors’ ideal crunch-time unit against the Wizards?

So, uh, the Raptors closed Game 1 with a lineup featuring Bebe at centre. Yes, Bebe. The big smiley Brazilian played the final nine minutes of the game, which began with a 10-0 Raptors run. Toronto won the game by eight. Alongside Bebe, the Raptors trotted out DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka and Delon … Read more