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When Does The Ball Drop For Dwane Casey?

I’ve never seen much criticism from Toronto media outlets on Dwane Casey. ‘The assistant coach of the championship Dallas Mavericks squad’ card has been far overplayed at this point, and it’s time to seriously start evaluating Casey.  MLSE has never brought in a premier head coach for the Toronto Raptors. I’m going to go out and say Lenny Wilkins is the … Read more

Can Amir Johnson Be a Starter for Long-term Success of the Raptors?

At the beginning of the season, raising the question as to whether Amir Johnson could be the starting power-forward for the Toronto Raptors would have been absolutely unfathomable. Amir has bounced in and out of the starting line-up all season replacing the likes of injured bigs ahead of him in the rotation like Andrea Bargnani or … Read more