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The Raptors Will Try To Bring Back Jose Calderon In The Offseason

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A source familiar with the situation has indicated that Bryan Colangelo wants to bring back Jose Calderon this offseason. After dealing Calderon along with Ed Davis for Rudy Gay, the Raptors still may be able to have part of their cake and eat it too.

Jose, an unrestricted free agent this offseason, loves Toronto. His family still lives in Toronto while he stays in Detroit, and he really did consider Toronto his home. Playing here for 8 years, he obviously got attached, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think he would come back.

The report has it that Colangelo will offer Jose something closer to a veterans minimum (think between 2-3 million per year) with hope that Jose will understand that they want to continue to add piece to take that next step. Jose wants to win, and he’s been with the Raps through some tough times, so bringing him back for a projected winning season next year would seem to be a picture perfect story for both sides.

As for the point guard controversy, it is evident that at this point Kyle Lowry won’t lose his starting job. It’s clear that the justification for Jose’s playing time was to raise his trade value, as the Raps got tremendous return. This report also makes it evident that Colangelo believes he’s keeping his job, and after that career saving move in acquiring Gay, I don’t doubt that.

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4 thoughts on “The Raptors Will Try To Bring Back Jose Calderon In The Offseason

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  2. “veteran minimum”…. ya think? Don’t be surprised if Jose’s market value is around $15-20 Mill over 3 years. Where can you find a veteran pass-first PG who can pot 3’s when needed?

  3. Lowery has not been.performing to the standards of calderon.
    calderon is better for the team, in terms of player develppment as well as creating options and.plays on the court. bring back calderon.
    he might play in detroit now. be he will always be a raptor to toronto fans.
    he is a great.rolemodel for the sport of basketball.

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