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The Eastern Conference is Heating Up

NBA fans are seeing something this season that they haven’t seen for a long time, an Eastern Conference that is competitive. The East is certainly filled with many more competitors than the West, all with create talent. This could mean we might to see a Finals this year that isn’t so predictable, with the Golden State Warriors running away with it again. But if you feel certain about the future development of the competition between the NBA teams, you can capitalize on your sixth sense and win a bit of money by betting on one of the best Canadian sports betting websites. With your winnings, you will be able to celebrate the victory of your favorite team.

Who Are the Competitors in the East?

At the top of the Eastern Conference are the Milwaukee Bucks, with the best record in the league. They’ve been on a five-game winning streak and have only lost one of the 13 games they’ve played in their division.

Right behind the Bucks, and only two games back, are your Raptors. The Raptors have been exhibiting a drive like we haven’t seen in a long time. They’re looking like a team that has their eyes set looking forward to an ultimate goal that they’ve never been able to reach before. This team looks like one who could finally reach the Finals.

In third are the Indiana Pacers. They’re four and a half games back from the Raptors. The Pacers have been playing pretty good ball. They’re on a three-game road trip with the last of the games coming up. They haven’t been as good in away games as fans would like them to be, but they have a pretty good shot against the Dallas Mavericks who currently have a losing record.

The top five is rounded out with the Philadelphia 76ers in fourth and the Boston Celtics in fifth. The sixth-place team, the Brooklyn Nets, are sitting just above the half and half record mark. The rest of the Eastern Conference teams all have losing records at this post-trade deadline point.

Want to Get in On the Action?

Being a basketball fan is fun, but it’s even more fun if you get in on the action. With the Eastern Conference shaking things up so far this season, the sports betting arena has been heating up, too. You can get in on the fun, and it’s really easy to do. You don’t even have to leave the old chesterfield. So, how does it work?

You can sign up for online sports betting sites. There are a number of really good ones that are reputable, and that offer a safe platform for betting on your favorite sports teams, or on an opposer if you think they’re the better option. Whichever team you choose, you could end up with some extra money in your bank account just by entering a bet online. Make sure you do a little research to find out what the most reliable Canadian sports betting sites are. It’s worth it to make sure you choose a trustworthy site.

Who Looks the Strongest in the Eastern Conference?

The top teams in the Eastern Conference all look pretty good. The Raptors beat out the Celtics a few games ago. That put them even in their Eastern rivalry, with each team having two wins against the other. The Raptors are digging in this season and playing like they want it. The team has had a lot of players out for injuries and still has been pulling out the wins. This team is a contender for the Eastern title and a possible for winning the whole thing.

The Milwaukee Bucks are the team to watch out for the most. Here is a team that no one was paying much attention to at all just a few years ago. This season, they’re having their best year since 2001, and it seems that nothing will get in their way. The hunger this team has stems from decades full of seasons where they finished in the lower half of the Eastern Conference. They’ve only made it to the upper half of the conference twice since 1990. Now they’re sitting at the top in the power rankings.

Golden State Who?

For years, the Golden State Warriors have been the team to beat in the NBA. But this season’s post trade power rankings show the top two teams overall in the league are in the Eastern Conference. Either of these two teams have support for being able to beat Golden State, but the Bucks are favored over the Raptors. Many NBA fans just want to see any team take out the Warriors, the big dogs. It’s looking like there’s a good chance that might happen this year.

Things Can Always Change

We’re on the down slope of the NBA season now. The All-Star break is over and the teams are on their homestretches trying to reach the playoffs. The Eastern Conference is looking good in the run for the finals. It’s just important for all of us to remember that things can always change. The moment you start feeling comfortable about what’s probably going to happen, the standings will get flipped upside down. It’s the awesome nature of the beast.


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