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Terrence Ross to Defend Dunk Title Against Three All Stars

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NBA: Indiana Pacers at Toronto Raptors
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The field for the 2014 NBA Dunk Contest has been released. Unlike seasons of the past this year’s contest is packed with All-Stars, along with Toronto Raptors second year swingman Terrence Ross. Ross will defend his title against some of the best young talent in the NBA, so if this comes down to fan voting again this season, expect politics to come into place. It’s happened twice to DeMar DeRozan, so there’s no reason why it can’t happen with TDotFlight31 this year.

Seeing as it’s just a dunk contest, we’re not going to look very deep into the dunk repertoire of these players. However, note that these players are all capable of dethroning Ross in this year’s contest, which won’t be easy since Terrence is simply a BOSS!

The Contestants:

Terrence Ross (Defending Champion)

Terrence “The Boss” Ross has apparently been working with TFB (Team Flight Brothers) on this upcoming dunk contest. If you’ve never heard of TFB. This is your chance!

No such thing as overkill…

Paul George (2nd appearance)

The highest profile player in this contest, who’s surely to get the fans on his side.

John Wall (1st appearance)

Dark horse candidate to take the title being able to throw down creatively with either hand.


Damian Lillard (1st appearance)

Why are you even here? Prove me wrong.

Ben McLemore (Rookie, 1st appearance) 

Pretty electric dunker overall, however another question-mark.

Harrison Barnes (1st appearance) 

Good pick for the most part. We’ve seen what Barnes can do.

Side note – that dunk was absolutely filthy.

Who you got this year?

Terrence Ross? Paul George? John Wall? Barnes? The rook? Or… Damian Lillard?

I’m calling Terrence Ross for a repeat, and hopefully (fingers crossed) his game will outshine the big names he’s up against.



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