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Free Agency Options Part 1: Power Forwards

July has officially taken off and free agent frenzy is among us. Teams are moving swiftly to secure assets that will quickly improve their organizations fortune within this ten day negotiation period. Many quality players around the league have already been relocated via trade or assumingly by verbal commitment. With Tim Leweike and Masai Ujiri … Read more

Passive Draft By Ujiri May Indicate Raptors Future

Three paths were proposed by Tim Leiweke, Masai Ujiri and co with regards to this Toronto Raptors squad going forward. The first one being a complete “blow-up”, second one being a re-tool of the current roster, and the third one being a mix of both. The goal is a championship regardless of the path chosen, and with Ujiri’s passiveness … Read more

Bryan Colangelo Officially Removed From Raptors Organization

Bryan Colangelo has stepped down as president of the Toronto Raptors organization under his own will after being succeeded by Masai Ujiri. He will stay as a consultant for MLSE until a better job opportunity opens up. “Having had a better chance to reflect on things for the past several weeks, I have concluded that stepping away from … Read more

Six Steps to Rebranding the Toronto Raptors

Since the new Chief Executive Officer of MLSE Tim Leiweke took over, some major moves have been made for the Toronto Raptors organization. With what started out as a mere cleanup of the front office and other lingering pieces has turned into a complete franchise face-lift: something much needed for a team with storied losing … Read more

To Tank, Or Not To Tank

With the hiring of Masai Ujiri taking over as the new general manager for this team, the talk surrounding Raptor land is beginning to surface around which exact road the Toronto Raptors will be taking heading into next season. While many appear to believe that this team is a lock for the playoffs next year, … Read more

Building A Championship Caliber Raptors Squad

At the end of an article I wrote, I noted that this current Toronto Raptors squad is not a championship caliber contender, “but that’s a story for another day”. Well, here’s that story. If you’ve been living under a rock, Bryan Colangelo was extended as president but removed as general manager of the Toronto Raptors. Masai Ujiri has taken over … Read more

Recap Of Masai Ujiri Introduction Presser

Raptors Cage briefs you on the Masai Ujiri introduction press conference. You are welcome.  Quotes From Tim Leiweke  “I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome, tell everyone how honored I am to be here, to be part of this great organization, and how excited I am about not just the organization but all … Read more

From Question Mark to Exclamation Point: Jonas Valanciunas

His name is Jonas Valanciunas From the Land of Sabonis and Zydrunas Lithuania, like Linas and Sarunas Won’t see him in no commercial eating Noodles Viscous, like a lion, eating a poodle Jump shot, so much sweeter, than apple strudel Doubt him, I dare you,  Now that’d be foolish Valanciunas in Toronto on some new … Read more

Bryan Colangelo To Be Brought Back In Corporate Role

Sources have indicated today that Bryan Colangelo will be brought back to the MLSE organization, moving over to the business side of the organization. He will have little control over the operations of the Toronto Raptors and the MLSE is still pursuing Masai Ujiri to take over that role. This seems like a best of both worlds situation for … Read more