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The Raptors are the second best team in the league

Sure, we’re nine games in and we’re all wearing rose-colored glasses a la Mitch Hedberg right now, but these Raptors sure seem legit. A lot of skeptics point out that the Celtics are still finding their footing in the midst of returning personnel. But, so what? So are the Raptors, in essence. Now, it is … Read more

Jama Mahlalela named new head coach of Raptors 905

The Raptors have named assistant Jama Mahlalela as the third head coach of the G-League affiliate Raptors 905. With several intriguing options, the Raptors faced a challenge in finding the right fit for the 905 after Jerry Stackhouse left to join the Memphis Grizzlies staff. The team has been key in the success of the big-league … Read more