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Inside the Film Room: A Breakdown of OG Anunoby’s skills and flashes

OG Anunoby is a Raptors fan favorite. Drafted in 2017 at pick 23. OG quickly won the hearts of Raptors fans all over. Expected to miss his rookie year with a torn ACL, OG exceeded expectations and ended up starting most games on a 59 win team. Including when he went into the playoffs and … Read more

“Scheduled loss” turns into win as Raptors beat Jazz 124-111

Back-t0-back. No Kawhi. On the road once again. Against an above-average team. Tonight’s game had every ingredient for a loss, but the 2018-19 Raptors don’t seem to like losing. It’s no miracle, but the Raptors were awesome tonight in a game that made them the NBA’s only 10-win team (until tonight’s Warriors game ends). While … Read more

Jimmy Butler wants out, so could the all-in Raptors swing a deal?

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been a ticking time bomb for a while now. Many expected some sort of fallout to happen at some point, albeit probably a time other than the middle of September. However, the NBA is ridiculous, and our boy Shams dropped this today: Jimmy Butler has requested a trade from the Minnesota … Read more

3 Raptors Players to Target in Saturday’s NBA DFS Contests

The NBA summer league hadn’t gone quite as planned for the Toronto Raptors, starting with an 0-3 record and heading into the tournament as just the 29th seed. However, the tides turned yesterday as the Raps knocked off the 4th seeded Denver Nuggets by a score of 85-77. Now, OG Anunoby and company will shift … Read more

DeRozan and Lowry need help; can young players answer?

It’s time someone turns the Lowry-DeRozan duo into a big three. The conference is wide open now that LeBron James is headed west to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Boston Celtics are currently the conscensus favourite, but unlike the last eight years that saw LeBron torment the East, nothing is certain. Kyrie Irving is coming … Read more

Game Three Adjustments

To say that game two was a disgrace is an understatement, but rather than letting themselves get swept, the Raptors need to make some serious adjustments prior to an obvious must win game three. Here are a list of some adjustments the Raptors should make: Start Norman Powell over Serge Ibaka You know it’s early … Read more

The Raptors’ best shot in Round 2? Let the King stay the King

“The king, he move one space any damn direction he choose, because he’s the king. But he ain’t got no hustle.” This, of course, is a quote from Season 1 of  ‘The Wire,’ where D’Angelo spots his boys Bodie and Wallace playing checkers on a chess board and teaches them how to play chess. On … Read more

WATCH : 6ix Keys To Defeating The Cavs


You know the story. The Raptors have a franchise best season, meet up with the Cavaliers in the playoffs, get sent home. Rinse. Repeat.


Though this year seems different, LeBron James and the Cavaliers have gone through a few different transformations this year in terms of roster. They haven’t had quite the stability that they’ve had in past years, and it seems like its really effecting the team’s ability to play as a winning basketball unit. Cleveland is coming off the greatest first round challenge that they’ve seen in recent memory, barely scraping by Indiana in a grueling 7 game series.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Raptors have had a story book season, once again breaking the franchise record for wins. This year though seems different than years past. The way they’ve been winning is more about ball movement, and less about isolation play. For the first time it didn’t really seem like the Raptors fan base was worried in the first round, despite dropping two games to Washington.


If there ever was a time for the King to be put in check, it’s now. We’re out here looking for revenge.