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Raptors Offseason Rumors (UPDATED)

Note: This post will continuously be updated so all of you can view every piece of news there is to know with regards to the Toronto Raptors this offseason. You’re welcome.  July 17th- Raptors officially buy out Marcus Camby After being acquired from the New York Knicks, the Toronto Raptors plan to buy out the 38 year … Read more

Raptors In Serious Talks With Hansbrough

The Toronto Raptors are nearing a deal with ex-Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein. This move would fill the hole at the power forward slot for the Raptors. Hansbrough, 27, was a college stand out taken 13th in the 2009 NBA draft . He’s never been given a significant role so it would be interesting to … Read more

Free Agency Options Part 1: Power Forwards

July has officially taken off and free agent frenzy is among us. Teams are moving swiftly to secure assets that will quickly improve their organizations fortune within this ten day negotiation period. Many quality players around the league have already been relocated via trade or assumingly by verbal commitment. With Tim Leweike and Masai Ujiri … Read more