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The Best Of Linas Kleiza As A Raptor

Today it was announced that Linas Kleiza would be subject to the amnesty clause. Reports indicated that the Toronto Raptors tried to deal Kleiza for an asset, but nobody was biting despite him possessing an expiring contract. Therefore, Masai Ujiri amnestied him, putting the Raptors below the luxury tax line.  I can tell you that fellow Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas likely won’t be too … Read more

Raptors 2013 Offseason Checklist

With a quiet draft night, the Toronto Raptors will likely look to make a splash this offseason. GM Masai Ujiri emphasized the need for some change, and the rumors of dealing DeMar DeRozan for Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe indicate he’s not afraid to trade virtually anybody on this team. Judging Masai’s behavior this far leads me to assume he is going to try … Read more

Building A Championship Caliber Raptors Squad

At the end of an article I wrote, I noted that this current Toronto Raptors squad is not a championship caliber contender, “but that’s a story for another day”. Well, here’s that story. If you’ve been living under a rock, Bryan Colangelo was extended as president but removed as general manager of the Toronto Raptors. Masai Ujiri has taken over … Read more

What If Everything Went Right This Year?

Let’s face it, not many things really did go the Toronto Raptors’ way this season, and if there is one redeeming quality from this season, it has to be the ‘moral victories’. However, the bottom line is that this team’s record isn’t reflective of their performance this year, and it’s time to examine why. We analyze the … Read more

Player Report Cards For the 2012-13 Season

After another lost season with no playoffs, it’s now time to make ourselves try and feel better by looking at the individual report card scores for each player on this roster. Who needs summer school? Note- grades relative to player expectations. For example, if LeBron averaged 20-2-1 he would get a D+ because that’s way … Read more

What Really Happened This Season?

What happened to the Toronto Raptors this season? Do the fans remember the promise Jamaal Magloire made before the final game against the New Jersey Nets (now Brooklyn Nets) last season? “…and continue, continue, continue to stick with us, ’cause we are going to improve, and we are going to make the playoffs next year.” … Read more

Landry Fields Is Colangelo’s Worst Signing Yet

3 years, 19 million. Hey, it’s chess move. The Toronto Raptors are now going to get Steve Nash, energize the country, and make a ton of money off tickets. Right? What, Nash signed with the Lakers? It certainly must have been an awkward feeling for general manager Bryan Colangelo after the realization that he had screwed over the Raptors yet again by … Read more

Raps, Bulls Discuss Bargnani For Boozer Swap?

According to sources, the Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls are in discussions to swap bigmen Carlos Boozer and Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors would need to include other plays to make salaries match, most likely Linas Kleiza or Landry Fields. These discussions come at the helm of acquiring Rudy Gay’s large contract.  Raptors General Manager Bryan Colangelo … Read more