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Remembering Amir Johnson, the heart and soul of Toronto

Amir Johnson‘s time in Toronto has ended. It’s been a few days since this statement has become a reality, yet still, the words hurt no less. Why? This is a guy that poured out heart and soul every single time he took the floor, regardless of the team’s circumstances. The fact that he’s seen the … Read more

Terrence Ross: The Toronto Raptors “It” factor

Very recently Paul Pierce spouted off saying that the Toronto Raptors are a playoff team he is not concerned with. In his words, “they don’t have that ‘it’ factor” that intimidates other opponents. Many Raptor faithful know Pierce as the man who dashed last year’s playoff hopes with a controversial game ending block on Kyle … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors look to beat the Heat in South Beach

After pulling out a thriller in the dying seconds of a game that had no business being close, the Toronto Raptors head south for the final night of their back to back against the Miami Heat. The Raptors have been hard pressed to find any success against the team, getting their first victory in five years against them … Read more

#NorthernNostalgia Week 12: Toronto Raptors Bench Bosses

In 20 years of Toronto Raptors history they have had a total of 8 head coaches. So, it is clear that being the head coach for this franchise has never been looked upon as a long-term gig. Most of these coaches came from the ranks of being an assistant coach, and many have returned there after their run in … Read more

#NorthernNostalgia week eight: The great stretch four – Andrea Bargnani

In 2006, the Toronto Raptors had a chance to change the fortune of the franchise. While the Raptors made a huge step forward in their progression the season after, it was later on in the tenure of one man named Andrea Bargnani that proved to be a main reason in the great fall and plummet of … Read more

Why This Year’s Raptors Squad Offers Hope For The Future

 The Toronto Raptors have existed for 19 years. Throughout their entire history they have made the playoffs five times, advanced to the second round once, and have only won a single division crown. This year’s team looks to be one of the few good teams in franchise history. They are offering promise not only for this season, but for future seasons … Read more

Project DeRozan: The Evolution of an All-Star

He made his arrival in 2009, as a 6’7, 211lb guard with tantalizing athleticism and a world of potential. A kid from Compton, shaped by the urban hotbed of basketball talent that surrounded him, was ready for his shot at stardom. Nearly five years later, DeMar DeRozan is there. Originally touted as a freakishly athletic … Read more

Post-Game Report: Toronto Raptors end streak vs Heat

The Toronto Raptors continued their positive play tonight, as they fought long and hard against the Miami Heat tonight at American Airlines Arena. Winners of 5 in a row, the Toronto Raptors hoped to continue their savvy trend, but were unable to do so, thanks in large part to an appalling fourth quarter. The Toronto … Read more

Top 10 Toronto Raptors In Franchise History

This upcoming 2013-2014 season is sure to be a memorable one for the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are heading into their 19th season in the NBA. Nostalgia never hurt anyone, so what better way to celebrate a relatively unsuccessful franchise than by reminiscing on the past? This top 10 list isn’t about the “what ifs” … Read more

From Hero To Zero: Andrea Bargnani

Since the post-Chris Bosh era took place in Toronto, it was fairly evident who was next in line to be the new face of this Raptors’ franchise. Although there wasn’t an extraordinary amount of talent on the Toronto Raptors’ squad since the departure of Chris Bosh, there was still one man who was believed to … Read more