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Post game report card: Raptors embarrassed by Knicks

This is more than your ordinary slump.  The Toronto Raptors fell 103-98 to the lowly New York Knicks in a shameful display of poor judgement and persistent flaws.  Heading into this contest,  Toronto had lost four in a row and opted to sit out Kyle Lowry in hopes that the star guard could rest up as his team took … Read more

#NorthernNostalgia week eight: The great stretch four – Andrea Bargnani

In 2006, the Toronto Raptors had a chance to change the fortune of the franchise. While the Raptors made a huge step forward in their progression the season after, it was later on in the tenure of one man named Andrea Bargnani that proved to be a main reason in the great fall and plummet of … Read more

Game Day Preview: Raptors square off against Knicks

Fresh off a victory against the Detroit Pistons on Friday, the Toronto Raptors are set to take on their longtime rival New York Knicks at the ACC today. The Raps (21-6) head into this contest atop the Eastern Conference standings while New York (5-24) dwells at the near-bottom. Friday’s game saw the demise of rising star Andre Drummond, a horrifying fall from Landry … Read more

#NorthernNostalgia week four: Classic Raptors commercials

It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for!  #NorthernNostalgia is back,  and this week we’re showcasing the best commercials from 20 years of Toronto Raptors history.  As with any other organization,  marketing for an NBA team is essential in attracting and sustaining a pool of support.  Since professional basketball players are generally untrained in the art of … Read more

Post Game Report Card: Raptors Drop Regular Season Finale to Knicks 95-92

The Toronto Raptors failed to extend their franchise high in road and overall wins against the New York Knicks Wednesday night. In their regular season finale, Kyle Lowry led the Raptors (48-34) to a 21-point first-half lead over the Knicks (37-45) at Madison Square Garden. While Toronto led for the majority of the game, a … Read more

Raptors Offseason Rumors (UPDATED)

Note: This post will continuously be updated so all of you can view every piece of news there is to know with regards to the Toronto Raptors this offseason. You’re welcome.  July 17th- Raptors officially buy out Marcus Camby After being acquired from the New York Knicks, the Toronto Raptors plan to buy out the 38 year … Read more

The Best Of Andrea Bargnani As A Raptor

This is the end for Andrea Bargnani. With a tweet from all of the players involved in the deal acknowledging their departure from their respective teams along with highly reputed insiders reporting that it is completed, it is essentially a done deal: Bargnani is no longer a Toronto Raptor. The deal officially won’t be announced until July … Read more

Bye Bye Bargnani: Andrea Dealt To Knicks

FINAL: Quentin Richardson will be included in the deal, likely to be immediately released, along with Camby. Deal will be official July 10th. UPDATE: League did not approve deal tonight for unknown reasons. Knicks and Raptors still want to complete deal however will have to be restructured tomorrow under the 2013-14 player salaries. This means the deal … Read more

Raptors 2013 Offseason Checklist

With a quiet draft night, the Toronto Raptors will likely look to make a splash this offseason. GM Masai Ujiri emphasized the need for some change, and the rumors of dealing DeMar DeRozan for Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe indicate he’s not afraid to trade virtually anybody on this team. Judging Masai’s behavior this far leads me to assume he is going to try … Read more

Building A Championship Caliber Raptors Squad

At the end of an article I wrote, I noted that this current Toronto Raptors squad is not a championship caliber contender, “but that’s a story for another day”. Well, here’s that story. If you’ve been living under a rock, Bryan Colangelo was extended as president but removed as general manager of the Toronto Raptors. Masai Ujiri has taken over … Read more