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Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Plays Defence And Has Fun

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As a role player for the Toronto Raptors, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson doesn’t always put up the flashiest stats or the most Instagram worthy highlights. What he does do, is play lockdown defence on the NBA’s best players:

Rondae’s “never too cool for school” attitude isn’t just a part of some on court persona: it’s a part of who he is as a person. His energetic personality makes him an invaluable part of the Raptors’ team chemistry. Whether he’s joking with his teammates, yelling about dinosaurs or hosting fundraisers, some of Rondae’s biggest contributions to the team come off of the court.

What follows is a collection of Rondae’s best off of the court moments in his time as a Raptor.

I’m Not Ya Child

Earlier this year Rondae had a post-game interview rudely interrupted by Norman Powell:

Steeling the hat off of your teammates head isn’t a brand of fatherhood that I understand nor support. But, this incident did create some great content:

Another Raptor with their own clothing, RHJ now has his own “I’m not ya child” hoodie from torontoraptors

The CN-Tower Adventure

Although Rondae isn’t actually Norm’s child, the day Rondae visited the CN-Tower he acted like a child when he encountered the infamous glass floor.

It’s awesome that Rondae goes to tourist attractions around the city and enjoys them the same way a Swedish family on vacation would.


One night in Toronto, Rondae took it upon himself to ask one of life’s hard questions:

What brought about his sudden skepticism? A trip to the museum? Natural curiosity? Certain legalized substances?

Image result for stephen a smith stay off the weed gif
Via Giphy

It’s hard to know. Regardless, it takes a lot of courage to challenge institutionalized knowledge. Thank you, Rondae.

Dancing on the Beach

After paying what must have been thousands of dollars to go on vacation, Rondae danced with utter joy after finding $5 in the ocean:

I love Rondae Hollis-Jefferson already ?? from torontoraptors

This man makes $2.5M a year and still looks like he won LOTTO 6/49.

Giving Back

If I was an NBA player that made millions of dollars and it was my 25th birthday I would be heading directly to a Toronto night club to drink a zillion beers. However, Rondae did not do this.

He spent his 25th birthday bowling with his friends, family and teammates at an event where he launched his foundation. The Rondae Hollis-Jefferson foundation is dedicated to providing underprivileged youth with the educational resources they need to succeed. On a day all about him, he decided to give back to his community in a big way.

Side note: as you can see in the above thumbnail, Terrence Davis went bowling in a full on winter jacket. Why? Who knows. Weird move.

Rondad Hollis-Jefferson

If his foundation wasn’t enough to convince you that he is an outstanding person, then watch him playing with his son at pre-school.

Come on, It doesn’t get more wholesome than that.

It’s easy to think of Rondae as just a good defender, but it should be obvious by now that he’s so much more than that. Masai Ujiri, if you’re reading this please sign him to lifetime deal immediately.

To everyone else, take some time today to take a deep breath and to thank the universe that Rondae Hollis-Jefferson exists.

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