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Assessing potential Kyle Lowry trade destinations

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There is no doubting that Kyle Lowry has done amazing things with the Toronto Raptors in their time together. However, with his contract coming to an end, a lot of speculation is swirling as to where he might go next. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options open to him.

Lowry’s Career with the Raptors and Others

There is no doubt that Lowry has been instrumental in the success of the Raptors in the past few years. He initially joined the team following a trade in 2012. He had some success in this first season before being benched for a while due to an injury. In this initial season, he was mentored by Chauncey Billups and a number of other key figures in the NBA world.

In following seasons, Lowry was able to demonstrate his value as a player, and even played as a starter in several NBA All-Star Games. He also served as a member of the U.S. men’s national team in the Rio Olympics in 2016, helping them to work towards their gold medal.

It is clear that he is a valuable player who has a lot to bring to the court. He has proven himself to be a leader on the court who is able to effortlessly make plays and defend as needed, securing his reputation as one of the best point guards in the sport at the moment.

To the Philadelphia 76ers

One of the teams that Lowry could go to next is the Philadelphia 76ers. They have had a stellar season thus far, but they are rumoured to be wanting to upgrade their point guard position. The 76ers are definitely one of the best teams in the league at the moment, and one just has to look at their stats to see it. Head to Bonus Ninja to check out some of the odds on their games, and you will clearly see that they are one of the teams to beat in the league.

It is thought that the Raptors wish to thank Lowry for his work with them in the past decade. Though they would need to find a trade in return that would also offer them value – especially since they are losing a player as experienced as Lowry – it is clear that this could be a move that would be excellent for Lowry’s continued career in the sport.

Where Else?

Another possibility is that he would head to the west coast to join the LA Clippers. Since Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams are up for trades this coming season, Lowry could fill in the gap left by either of them to create a powerful team.

There are also rumours that the Miami Heat might be interested in him. If he does choose to go there, we could see him become a powerful member of their defensive side. These are just some of the places where Lowry could go if the Raptors decide to trade him.

Of course, there is always the chance that Lowry decides to stay with the Raptors for the remainder of the 2020-2021 season, and the team fulfils those wishes. The team has proven their ability to compete in the playoffs time and time again, and that is something which Lowry surely respects. Whether Lowry moves on from Toronto or not, he has cemented his legacy as the greatest Raptor of all-time. Brian Windhorst and Tim Bontemps of ESPN agreed this morning that heading into the trade deadline, he is the most important player in the league to watch, merely because of how much his talent in another city could shift the landscape of the NBA.


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3 thoughts on “Assessing potential Kyle Lowry trade destinations”

  1. Best case scenario for raps:

    Kyle Lowry
    Nemanja Bjelecia

    Tobias Harris
    Hassan Whiteside

    Myles Turner
    Top-5 protected 1st rd pick via Pacers

    TJ Warren

    worked it out on ESPN trade machine and it works

  2. Any chance they make a quiet agreement with Lowry to trade him for assets then bring him back to close out his career (rightfully) as a Raptor or at least make another run? (like the Yankees did with Chapman for Torres a few years back)

  3. Why in the world are Clippers even being brough up?
    What could possibly temp Masai to send him there for what????????????????????
    L Will (let me relax with a lap dance after grmps funeral)
    P Mottor mouth Beverly?
    Zubac -Ok maybe but Clips would be insane to even think of that.


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