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WATCH: 6ix Keys To Winning In 4

You couldn’t script a better start to this series, if you’re a Raptors fan. The stage was set for games 1 and 2. After being swept by the Wizards a few years back, the Wizards confidently rolled into Toronto expecting to have their way. Unfortunately for them the Toronto Raptors, like the weather during their stay in Toronto, was a lot colder than they remembered.

How fitting it was for the Raptors to go up 2-0 (during one of the bigger freezing rain storms in recent memory) against a team that had swept them 3 years prior. The Wizards have been very vocal in their hoping to draw the Raptors, and thus far Washington been made to eat their words.

With that being said, here are 6 Keys to success if the Raptors plan on returning the favour and sweeping the Wizards.