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Culture Shift: A new winning philosophy in Toronto

Over the last 5 years, everyone has heard the talk of how ‘this year is different from last’ or how “this will be the year the Raptors finally get over the hump”. The team shines throughout the regular season and then comes up short during the playoffs, especially last year when LeBron James seemingly flicked … Read more

Takeaways from Game 1 of Raptors-Wizards

The Raptors are already shaking narratives around their postseason woes after only 48 minutes of basketball on Saturday. The infamous streak of 10 straight Game 1 losses has been bucked, and Raps fans can remain hopeful that it was just the start of great things to come. With that in mind, what can we take … Read more

A different Game 1 from a different Raptor team

At about 6:30 PM yesterday, one could almost feel a collective sigh around Toronto. Part of it was the fact that the city was covered in ice tundra in the middle of April, but more of it was because the Raptors were playing right into the hands of every doubter that Sportsnet likes to run … Read more