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Happy anniversary, Raptors fans

One year ago, Kyle Lowry walked out of the Toronto Raptors’ locker room in Oracle Arena. As he stepped foot out that door, his walk to glory began. It was a mere three days after the Raptors had lost in crushing fashion on their homecourt. On the night of January 10th, Toronto was up 3-1 … Read moreHappy anniversary, Raptors fans

4 Takeaways From The Japan Games

If you were among the fans who were less inclined to wake up at a nonsensical time to watch the Raptors and Rockets square off in Tokyo, you’re forgiven. Yes, it’s just pre-season, however watching our squad play 2 moderately competitive 48-minute basketball games against NBA talent beats watching snippets of Pascal Siakam break down … Read more4 Takeaways From The Japan Games