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Pascal Siakam: The Extra 10%

After Kawhi Leonard left before the start of the 2019-2020 season, it was clear that someone on the Raptors would have to pick up a heavier offensive load. Most of the media had written Toronto out of contention, some even projected them outside of The Playoffs. Despite those hot takes, the Raptors perserved and did … Read morePascal Siakam: The Extra 10%

Do the Raptors still have a shot at repeating?

Last year at at this time, folks in Toronto were packing every sports merchandising store nearby, hoping to snatch up a Raptors jersey crested with the legendary #2. The more daring of us paid a visit to our barber shop and shocked everyone in sight when we walked out with braids, claiming we just wanted … Read moreDo the Raptors still have a shot at repeating?

The Three Best and Three Most Underutilized Lineups

Last year, the Toronto Raptors seemed absolutely invincible, and practically flawless when it came to injuries, (despite Jonas Valanciunas’ thumb injury). Even hearing about the mass amount of injuries the players encountered during the playoff run, everybody was able to play through them, except for the horrible timing of OG Anunoby’s emergency appendectomy. This year … Read moreThe Three Best and Three Most Underutilized Lineups

Could the Raptors have won 60 games?

It’s now been 15 long days without NBA basketball, and it seems as though the shutdown of one of the biggest sports leagues in the world has affected nearly everyone. All within a span of 20-ish minutes, Tom Hanks revealed that he had contracted SARS-CoV-2, better known as COVID-19, then Rudy Gobert’s test results came … Read moreCould the Raptors have won 60 games?

Murphy’s Law, or Serendipity? It’s Up To Nick Nurse To Decide

The first 7 games of the Toronto Raptors’ 2019-2020 season felt like cruising down a two-lane country road. As always, the team was off to a hot start, and in a season of little pressure and few expectations, everything was running smoothly. Pascal Siakam was in the midst of making his leap that fans North … Read moreMurphy’s Law, or Serendipity? It’s Up To Nick Nurse To Decide

Game 1: Raptors’ Fourth Quarter Collapse

It’s closing time. The score was 83 – 76 and the Raptors held a 7-point lead entering the fourth quarter. Despite leading the game for almost 38 minutes, this was the beginning of the performative collapse for Toronto. So, what happened in the final 12-minutes that led a trailing Bucks team to outscore the Raptors … Read moreGame 1: Raptors’ Fourth Quarter Collapse

Raptors’ BIG solution to beating the Sixers

The Toronto Raptors were pummeled in a crucial Game 3. Absolutely pummeled. Joel Embiid, who finished the game with 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks, threw down a monster windmill slam off a pump fake. The dunk sent the Philadelphia 76ers up by 26 points, and Embiid added insult to injury by taunting the … Read moreRaptors’ BIG solution to beating the Sixers

Fred VanVleet: It’s Complicated

Recap Game 3 didn’t exactly go the way the team wanted. Imagine losing when both Kawhi and Siakam drop 20+points because the rest of your roster can’t make anything. The overreaction would be to say something like: “Not even Kobe and Shaq could win with these cats!” or “These are the playoff Raptors”. The team … Read moreFred VanVleet: It’s Complicated