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Pascal Siakam: The Extra 10%

After Kawhi Leonard left before the start of the 2019-2020 season, it was clear that someone on the Raptors would have to pick up a heavier offensive load. Most of the media had written Toronto out of contention, some even projected them outside of The Playoffs. Despite those hot takes, the Raptors perserved and did … Read morePascal Siakam: The Extra 10%

Game 1: Raptors’ Fourth Quarter Collapse

It’s closing time. The score was 83 – 76 and the Raptors held a 7-point lead entering the fourth quarter. Despite leading the game for almost 38 minutes, this was the beginning of the performative collapse for Toronto. So, what happened in the final 12-minutes that led a trailing Bucks team to outscore the Raptors … Read moreGame 1: Raptors’ Fourth Quarter Collapse

Season in Recap: A Transformative Journey

The Toronto Raptors end the regular season 2nd in the East with 58 wins. Despite this great finish, any fan will know this season has been far from the ordinary journey. Last season the Raptors had 12 different starting lineups. This year they’ve had 22. This is a testament to their strength in holding the … Read moreSeason in Recap: A Transformative Journey

Pascal Siakam: What’s next for Spicy P?

  Pascal Siakam’s early vacation sendoff for Miami came with under a minute left in overtime in the form of a spot-up corner three. He posed in front of the Heat bench, leaving his hand in the cookie jar as he put the shot up off a slick extra pass from Gasol. The Heat players stared … Read morePascal Siakam: What’s next for Spicy P?

Who is Danny Green and what does he bring to Toronto?

Danny Green

Acquiring Kawhi Leonard is by far the biggest trade in Raptors history. Landing our first superstar (with all due respect to DeRozan) since Vince Carter has given fans a new breath of life. But with all the noise it generated, many missed a key pickup for the Raptors. Enter Danny Green, a well decorated NBA … Read moreWho is Danny Green and what does he bring to Toronto?

Firing Casey was a mistake

It’s the end of an era, as the Toronto Raptors have fired their head coach, Dwane Casey. Under Casey, the Raptors have had 3 50-win seasons – a mark that was never reached before his arrival in Toronto. Masai Ujiri said in a press release “I have decided this is a very difficult but necessary … Read moreFiring Casey was a mistake

Raptors Season/Playoff Grades

After another demoralizing sweep at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, many are writing the Raptors off for good labelling this season as their chance to prove their worth. Unfortunately, this series could have taken a different turn if game one and three ended differently, but the Raptors had absolutely no answer for LeBron and … Read moreRaptors Season/Playoff Grades

The NBA purgatory that the Raptors must avoid

After a soul-crushing Game 3 loss, The Toronto Raptors are 48 minutes away from being eliminated by the Cavaliers for the third straight year and the second time being swept. Believe me, I am extremely tired of the LeBronto Jokes and the LeBron memes of him owning our franchise, but at this point we are … Read moreThe NBA purgatory that the Raptors must avoid

Game Three Adjustments

To say that game two was a disgrace is an understatement, but rather than letting themselves get swept, the Raptors need to make some serious adjustments prior to an obvious must win game three. Here are a list of some adjustments the Raptors should make: Start Norman Powell over Serge Ibaka You know it’s early … Read moreGame Three Adjustments