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Kyle Lowry’s energy leads Raptors a 2-2 series

There are few to no words remaining in the entirety of the English language that can describe how Kyle Lowry plays basketball. After one of the most impressive performances of Lowry’s career in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Boston Celtics, where he dropped an efficient 33 points, and made the game-winning … Read moreKyle Lowry’s energy leads Raptors a 2-2 series

OG Anunoby sparks a light for the Raptors

“The mood’s not good. we’re not happy. We’re a little pissed off, and we should be,” said Nick Nurse after the Toronto Raptors crushing defeat to the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. “We’re not proud of anything we did [in Game 1]. So you gotta live through that until you … Read moreOG Anunoby sparks a light for the Raptors

The stellar growth of OG Anunoby

When OG Anunoby was taken by the Toronto Raptors with the 23rd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, he was known as an astute defender with an NBA-ready frame, tree trunk legs, top-tier intangibles, and of course, an ardent love for cheesecake. Coming off of a recent ACL tear that was supposed to hold him … Read moreThe stellar growth of OG Anunoby

Who should be the Toronto Raptors’ eighth man?

As the Toronto Raptors’ players begin to settle into their hotels, and the playoffs slowly inch closer, it is time to discuss everyone’s favourite conversation topic, playoff rotations. A typical NBA season will see a team give nine, ten, sometimes even 11 players significant minutes. Due to the Raptors’ crushing injury woe’s, and Nick Nurse’s … Read moreWho should be the Toronto Raptors’ eighth man?

The Three Best and Three Most Underutilized Lineups

Last year, the Toronto Raptors seemed absolutely invincible, and practically flawless when it came to injuries, (despite Jonas Valanciunas’ thumb injury). Even hearing about the mass amount of injuries the players encountered during the playoff run, everybody was able to play through them, except for the horrible timing of OG Anunoby’s emergency appendectomy. This year … Read moreThe Three Best and Three Most Underutilized Lineups

Raptors win, Norman Powell doesn’t

After Norman Powell’s return last week, Marc Gasol’s return last night, and Fred VanVleet’s recovery looming in the air for Saturday night’s bout against the Detroit Pistons, it seemed like the Toronto Raptors were finally about to become – dare I say – healthy. But the basketball gods could never allow for that to happen, … Read moreRaptors win, Norman Powell doesn’t

Evaluating the Toronto Raptors ‘Jumbo Lineup’

Having seen Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet start together in the backcourt for most of the Raptors season thus far, it’s not often that the Raptors have plenty of size advantages in the starting lineup. Both Lowry and VanVleet stand at a mere 6 feet tall, but with their stocky build they can easily compete … Read moreEvaluating the Toronto Raptors ‘Jumbo Lineup’

Nick Nurse: The Entrepreneur Of Basketball

On May 11th, 2018, four days after the Toronto Raptors were swept out of the playoffs for the second consecutive postseason, Masai Ujiri made the castigated decision to fire head coach Dwane Casey, who was just weeks away from accepting the NBA’s Coach of The Year award for his incredible season with the team. At … Read moreNick Nurse: The Entrepreneur Of Basketball

The Early Signs Of Bench Mob 2.0

Remember back in the 2017-2018 season, when the Toronto Raptors were led by best friends DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, had Dwane Casey at the helm of the team, and the narrative going into the playoffs was that “we didn’t need a third superstar to finally compete with LeBron James, because our sensational bench of … Read moreThe Early Signs Of Bench Mob 2.0

What To Remember From A Game To Remember

They say that you should start your day off doing something you love. Do yourself a favour, press play on the video below, and re-live what we witnessed last night. Most Raptors fans probably haven’t derived as much happiness from a regular season basketball game as they did last night since, well… the last time … Read moreWhat To Remember From A Game To Remember