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The Recipe for NBA Championships: How Hungry are the Raptors?

Halfway into the regular season, the contenders have emerged amidst the surprising parity the league has seen so far. The top four teams in the Eastern Conference are separated by 3.5 games. The Milwaukee Bucks are currently sitting at the top of the East with a half game lead over the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors … Read moreThe Recipe for NBA Championships: How Hungry are the Raptors?

Raptors Quarter-ish Season Report Card

At 21-7 the Raptors have the best record in the league. Their combination of shooting, versatility and starpower has propelled them to the top of the NBA, and have them looking as the best chance to dethrone Golden State. The team has gotten significant contributions from a number of players, some more surprising than others. … Read moreRaptors Quarter-ish Season Report Card

The eccentric evolution of Kyle Lowry

As an observer of any professional sport, it’s always really easy to say “If [Player X] could just make [Fundamental change to their game Y], then they’d be so much better”. The reality is that for most athletes, that fundamental change is almost impossible to achieve. For Kyle Lowry, though, these changes appear routine. NBA … Read moreThe eccentric evolution of Kyle Lowry

“Scheduled loss” turns into win as Raptors beat Jazz 124-111

Back-t0-back. No Kawhi. On the road once again. Against an above-average team. Tonight’s game had every ingredient for a loss, but the 2018-19 Raptors don’t seem to like losing. It’s no miracle, but the Raptors were awesome tonight in a game that made them the NBA’s only 10-win team (until tonight’s Warriors game ends). While … Read more“Scheduled loss” turns into win as Raptors beat Jazz 124-111

What has gotten into Kyle Lowry?

After what can be modestly described as an eventful offseason, Kyle Lowry seems to have found yet another level. Whether it’s been scoring, passing or defending, Lowry has provided it all. All of his 21.5 points/game, on a scorching .766 true shooting percentage, have come in the games’ biggest moments. There is no one in … Read moreWhat has gotten into Kyle Lowry?

Raptors win 116-104 over Cavaliers in Kawhi’s long-awaited debut

Two very different teams took to Scotiabank Arena, and though the end result was to be expected, it was a memorable game nonetheless. Kawhi Leonard‘s introduction is already an all-time memorable moment in Raptors history, with cheers so loud his name being called was difficult to hear in the arena. -As far as basketball itself … Read moreRaptors win 116-104 over Cavaliers in Kawhi’s long-awaited debut

VIDEO: Kyle Lowry hosts kids camp

This past Saturday, the gyms of York University were filled with hundreds of ecstatic young basketball players from grades 1-12 for the Kyle Lowry Basketball ProCamp. The event, made possible by presenting sponsor Xbox, featured an appearance from the Raptors All-Star guard himself, and will be something the kids involved will take with them for … Read moreVIDEO: Kyle Lowry hosts kids camp

The Toronto Raptors have 87 preseason games

“Cautiously optimistic” feels like the defining phrase for much of the 2014-2018 Toronto Raptors. Even throughout the routine postseason struggles, there has been a constant feeling over the past five seasons that the best is yet to come. And on some level, this feeling has held true. The Raptors have consistently improved on a year-by-year … Read moreThe Toronto Raptors have 87 preseason games

Predicting the Raptors’ 2018-19 rotation

After a series of big moves from Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster, it seems as though the Raptors roster we are looking at right now will be the roster that heads into training camp on September 25th, barring a salary shedding trade. Larry Tannenbaum and co. will be paying a tax bill of around $31 … Read morePredicting the Raptors’ 2018-19 rotation

Raptors NBA 2K19 Ratings Predictions

NBA 2K19 began dishing out ratings recently for the latest rendition of the video game franchise, which hits the stores on 11 September 2018.  These ratings generally create immense buzz around the league, and players themselves often chime in regarding their score, as you can see by Boston Celtic Jayson Tatum’s tweet below.  Traditionally, these … Read moreRaptors NBA 2K19 Ratings Predictions