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Processing what just happened

I wanted to wait a while to write this, with hopes of the dust settling and emotions calming. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon, so I guess this will have to do. The Toronto Raptors are fucking NBA Champions. Holy fuck. Typically at this time of the year, I’ll start analyzing what went … Read moreProcessing what just happened

Bring It Home: Raptors defeat Warriors for first-ever NBA Championship

What a season this  has been. There were questions about this team and its potential, as a result of the Lebronto sweeps. People questioned “Will he stay or will he go?”. In the end, the regular season didn’t matter. The trade didn’t matter. None of that mattered as soon as the team held the O’Brien … Read moreBring It Home: Raptors defeat Warriors for first-ever NBA Championship

Back To The Oracle We Go

The Raptors went from relative safety to jumping right into the maw of the beast. By being unable to close out the series in Game 5, they are going to go back to Oakland for a Game 6. It would not be out of the question to see the Warriors take it by virtue of … Read moreBack To The Oracle We Go

Let’s Close This Out

The Raptors need to close this series in Game 5. No one could have expected the Raptors to take two games at the Oracle. However, now that the Raptors are here, they need to take advantage of the opportunity. The Warriors have come back down from 3-1 before, against Kevin Durant’s own Oklahoma City Thunder. … Read moreLet’s Close This Out

Nick Nurse Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

There’s not one man on a championship team who deserves all the credit for winning, but there is often one man who deserves a ton of it. Right now, he isn’t getting nearly the praise he deserves. When you lose, you take all the blame. When you win, you get none of the credit. That’s … Read moreNick Nurse Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

Just Hold On, It’s Coming Home

After digging themselves into an 11 point hole early in the first quarter, the Kawhi Leonard led Raptors were able to keep chipping away at that deficit. It seemed as though every time they had it cut to 4 points, the Warriors would come down the other end and hit a heavily contested shot, which … Read moreJust Hold On, It’s Coming Home

The Raptors are a blue-collar team

Keep Working Some teams have the mindset to keep working continuously. At every point in the game you will see that team to show the same work ethic as the very start. As a result of hard work during the game, this hypothetical team can go toe to toe with any opponent. They work hard, … Read moreThe Raptors are a blue-collar team

“Believe in Yourselves” – Masai Ujiri

Coming into this series, one question surrounded the Raptors fan base: Do we have a chance? Prior to Game 1, my answer would have been that we have Kawhi, and the team with the best player in the series always has a chance. With Kevin Durant’s injury holding him out until at least Monday, the … Read more“Believe in Yourselves” – Masai Ujiri