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Ujiri: Raptors are Open to Bringing Back Carter

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The Toronto Raptors are ready to welcome the best player in franchise history back home. In a recent interview with George Stroumboulopoulos, Raptors GM Masai Ujiri described the team’s interest in bringing back Vince Carter (at the 33:40 mark of this video):

“Vince, for me, is different. He’s one of the symbols of the Toronto Raptors whether we like it or not…all these young players coming up, they grew up watching Vince Carter. I’m not allowed to talk about other people’s players in that way but in our organization I think we do respect him. Tim Leiweke met with him the last time they came into town, with Mark Cuban‘s permission, and I think it went well. We’re trying to show him that this is new, this is open thinking. In the future we’re definitely going to think openly.”

Carter, who will be a free agent this coming off-season, has made clear his own interest in finishing his career as a Raptor in the past:

“If (Toronto) gave me that opportunity, I don’t even think I’d let them finish the question. Yes, I’m in. 

“Could I see it? Absolutely. I’d leave that up to the franchise. It all started in Toronto, I’d be a fool to ever forget that.”

We know this much: Carter is ready to return, and the Raptors’ management is considering it. So what would it take for this sentimental homecoming to actually happen? At this point in his career, Carter contributes to the Dallas Mavericks as a savvy guard who can put up solid numbers off the bench. His All-Star days have come and gone, yet he remains a viable option for young teams in need of consistent production and veteran knowledge. Cue the Raptors. Their current veteran guard, John Salmons, will almost 100% be bought out this offseason (clause in his contract). The team will need someone to fill his role- who better than the very man who established and made Toronto basketball relevant? It’s almost as if this reunion was destined to happen, especially with the purple coming back.

Keep in mind that this is not just speculation. The possibility of Carter’s return is explicitly addressed in the video above. It’s been nearly ten years since the former franchise leader was traded away in the infamous deal that left Toronto in pieces. The wounds have not fully healed. If Carter does indeed return to Toronto to finish full circle, he would definitely see an unusual reception. Would fans finally forgive him and restore their faith in ‘Vinsanity’? Or would the lasting pain overcome the forced nostalgia, and sour Carter’s final playing days? Given the mixed reaction from fans in his most recent visit to Toronto, this remains to be determined. While nothing is certain as of yet, there is an undeniable mutual interest that will serve as an interesting development in the coming months. The door is open for Mr. Air Canada to return, and time will tell if he decides to step back in.

Would you welcome back VC? Let us know down below.


35 thoughts on “Ujiri: Raptors are Open to Bringing Back Carter

  1. No way. He’s a traitor that basically caused the demise of the franchise for so many years after he left. So much potential wasted, why would we want to bring him back when he will be virtually useless.

    • He’s better than John Salmons and still has capability at times to take over a game. Watch some of the Mavericks. And plus he’s Vince Carter. Management pushed him out of Toronto, just like they did with McGrady and every other star player we had.

    • I’m going to repost my previous comment in reply to this.

      Why are you so blind? It would be so beneficial to the team if Vince came back. He would provide all the veteran support they need on and off the court (mainly off). Stop dwelling in the past, Ujiri wants it, Vince wants it. Let it happen.

  2. fu** you idiots who hate on him! Bring Vince back! He deserves the respect and the admirtion, because without him, 1) Your team would be like the grizzlies and come to the U.S, and 2) he put you guys on the map; Derozan, T Ross, and others got nothing but love for the man. He would add legit veteran presence, and be a solid 12-14 pt guy off the bench! C’mon now… How can you say no to that?

  3. fucking haters.. i seen the story.. vince didnt wanna leave it was the g.m at the time, came up to him and said that everyone in the locker room and the fans wanted him gone, he was just trying to get a good deal because vince wasnt being himself after that shot in philly… bring him back! hes an all-time rap! love and forgive carter!! mad respect!

  4. Absolutely Vince Carrter should be a Toronto Raptor. One of the worst things to happen to the Maple Leafs in recent years is that Mats Sundin never finished his career in Toronto. Roy Halladay got to retire as a BlueJay and Carter should be a retire a Raptor. He’s the greatest player to ever play for them.

  5. Air Canada coming home? To coin a phrase said by some guy one time, “I don’t even think I’d let them finish the question, Yes, I’m in!”

  6. I think most of us fans want him back. Only people who lack knowledge would hate on him. Vc has the respect of the entire nba.

  7. Vince is the greatest thing to grace this city. A ton of things happened, sure, but he’s not entirely to blame. It would be a fantastic end to his career, nostalgic and full of shivers down the spine as well as the end of an era and the rebirth of a newer, much more potent Raptors. We’ve already got Ford putting us on the international stage, so why not Vince, especially with the 20th anniversary and purple throwback jerseys? I say bring the Half-Man, Half-Amazing VC back!

  8. I don’t want him back. We, as fans in Toronto are so hungry for anything positive that we rely on nostalgia for it. Vince was a great player who admitted to dogging it on some nights and gave up on the team so badly that the franchise got screwed for years after the trade. All the interviews/shows in the last couple of years have been a strategic ploy to try and get the fans to like him again. Blame the GM, blame the teammates, just don’t blame him?

    Carter’s legacy? Putting Toronto on the map then forcing a trade that resulted in Joey Graham, Aaron/Eric Williams and a 9 million dollar hole where Alonzo Mourning should have been. If he really wants to come back, he will do so at the league minimum so that money can be freed up to sign Lowry.

    • Why are you so blind? It would be so beneficial to the team if Vince came back. He would provide all the veteran support they need on and off the court (mainly off). Stop dwelling in the past, Ujiri wants it, Vince wants it. Let it happen.

      • Veteran support can come from a number of free agents, especially ones who have won it all. VC hasn’t won a championship. If we are going after a free agent to help us win a championship, why not go for one who has won one? Paul Pierce, Nowizki, Gasol, Miller, Battier, Bonner, Ariza

  9. The man has bounced around since he left, it’s time he comes back home.His leadership would be unbelievable, his experience would be unforgettable for guys like Tross, and with the 20 year season, and purple uniforms coming back, why not get a little nostalgic. This team has the buzz in the city, lets increase that buzz and keep it positive.

  10. Vince made the Raptors a real basketball team. People that boo him don’t know thing about basketball. Stop being haters ans hsow Vince the love bring him

  11. I’m over it as a fan. Carter should be back and for nothing else it’s a good basketball move. Vince Carter put this city on the map and he would be a valuable piece off the bench and in the locker room for a group guys who could use some veteran leadership from a player like Vince who has been there and with this very team.

    Bring him back!

  12. I think it makes sense from the standpoint of a winnable story, which is the only way a team can actually win in this rigged league. Because its all about entertainment (though those betting should definatly file a class action suit) and what makes a good story or that has a broad interest (like in other markets) is what wins games in the NBA. Why else would the refs call the game against the Raptors , but that the rest of the league wants to see paul pierce and garnet do it one more time.

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