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Report: Pau Gasol considering Toronto Raptors in free agency

The Toronto Raptors are now one of the free agency locations that interest free agent, Pau Gasol.

Free agency is mainly about watching the dominos fall, and that seems to be the case as Gasol waits for the most coveted free agent of this class, Kevin Durant, to have his pick of the litter. Gasol and Durant have both expressed interest in the San Antonio Spurs- who wouldn’t be able to sign both of them.

Even if Durant doesn’t choose the Spurs, there is still the possibility of Gasol picking the Raptors, because of his love for big urban cities. If Toronto were to sign the former two-time champion, they’d be able to leave free agency knowing that they filled their void at the power forward position.

Even though Gasol will be 36-years-old on July 6th, he is still able to contribute at a very high level. In the past two seasons with the Chicago Bulls, Gasol averaged 17.6 points, 11.4 rebounds and 2 blocks; numbers no one else in the league was able to match during that time period.

All stats for this article are from Basketball-Reference.com

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