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Raptors Instagram fanpage causes stir with Kawhi-to-Toronto claims

It’s July 10th and free agency has been incredibly quiet for the Raptors. Other than re-upping Fred VanVleet on a short term deal, the waters have been quite calm. Perhaps this is why Raptors fans have to rely on random Instagram accounts spreading (likely fake) stories for their dose of July fun.

Yesterday, Raptors fans finally found some source of excitement upon an article from Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post that mentioned the Raptors  as”generating buzz” on Kawhi Leonard. It wasn’t a report of anything concrete, but simply that Toronto made sense as a Leonard destination.

Instagram account @TheRaptorReport capitalized on this, posting these pictures on their story regarding “inside information” from Summer League. Again, we’re almost certain this is made-up:

Oh, those pesky G-League uncles. Always leaking info.

G-League uncles >>> Woj.

You can visit the Instagram account here, at least while the Instagram story is still up. It details a few other items to enhance the validity of the “story”, including tweets about Masai being on the phone and cryptic social media comments from DeMar and those close to him.

No matter how ridiculous and absurd the idea of a G-Leaguer’s uncle leaking a Kawhi trade to an Instagram fan page is, many Raps fans went crazy over this. The account has recieved several hundreds of comments since the story went up, along with being posted to several highly populated Facebook groups and, by firsthand account, sent to the Raptors Cage Facebook page several times.

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1 thought on “Raptors Instagram fanpage causes stir with Kawhi-to-Toronto claims

  1. If the Toronto Raptors manage to get kawhi leonard, he could become a serious contender to go to the nba finals in the next season.

    Let’s hope that players could offer the raptors to the spurs to add leonard to the team.

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