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Post Game Report Card: Sicker Than Your Average, Raptors Win Big in Detroit

201303291955717135030-p2-1For those of you who slept on this game. Shame on you. The Toronto Raptors (27-45) came out on Good Friday in Detroit and went gangbusters on the Pistons in the second half winning 99-82. After an up and down first half the Raptors dominated on both ends of the floor and it was a thing of beauty (especially in the third). The team finally got the monkey off their back and snapped their losing streak by coasting to victory. Rudy Gay showed his back was in fine form leading the Raptors in scoring with 21 points on 7-for-14 shooting.

Offence: A

The Raptors finished the game with 99 points shooting 53.7%. But it was the Raptors in the third quarter who exploded for 36 points which really sealed the win. The Pistons simply had no answer for the Raptors wings as Rudy and DeMar DeRozan were able to get anything they wanted out there.

Defence: A

The Raptors scored 36 points in the third quarter, DeRozan had 3 steals. The Pistons scored 37 points in the second half and shot 40%, well done Toronto, well done.

Rebounding: A

The Raptors looked relentless on the glass tonight. It seemed like Jonas Valanciunas was after every rebound available. Amir Johnson and Valanciunas were able to hold their own against Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. The Raps were plus 8 on the glass tonight.

Game Ball:

I dub thee Val-Nasty! Jonas Valanciunas. I love you. Every game matters to this young man and it shows every second that he’s on the court. Val-Nasty had a monster double-double of 14 points and 13 rebounds. Not to mention 4 blocks. However the sweetest stat of them all were his minutes played, Val-Nasty saw 38 minutes of action tonight and it was a beautiful thing to see.


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