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LeBron’s high praise for the Raptors immediately after win

It’s official. Following their 105-101 Game 7 win against Indiana, the Raps will meet the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference playoffs for the third year in a row. This time, though, with the Cavs vulnerable as ever and Toronto being by far their best version yet, the series is set to be infinitely more interesting than the last few years.

After the Cavs clinched the win today, LeBron, who scored 45 points today on incredible efficiency, was asked by Doris Burke about his next, likely much-tougher opponent. Here was his answer:

“They’re a great basketball team. Kudos to Dwane Casey. First of all, they got like ten to twelve guys that can come in and produce every single night, and we know the head of the snake is DeRozan and Lowry, but those guys off the bench, they come in with the same attitude and same confidence as the starters. We don’t have much time to prepare so we gonna go into game one just try to win and get it going from there.”

Let’s do this.


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