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Joseph departure marks end of Canadian presence on Raptors

Cory Joseph is officially gone. In a move that made logical sense, Joseph was dumped which gave the Toronto Raptors the ability to sign sharpshooter CJ Miles. While initially reported as a sign and trade, the details of the transaction are unclear at this point. However, the bottom line is that Joseph and Miles will contribute a similar cap hit to the Raptors, and Miles addresses a much bigger need. This move will slot Delon Wright into the back-up point guard role. Wright has shown significant potential, and should excel with regular minutes. The move made so much sense, and yet it appears as though the patriotic side of Raptors fans has come out since the deal.

The biggest appeal with Joseph was likely the fact that he was born and raised in Pickering. Having a local, effective player on the team was a unique feat that was never really achieved (Jamaal Magloire and Anthony Bennett were not effective). There are only so many Canadians in the league, and the likelihood of having another Canadian on the team at the moment appears slim. But hey, Andrew Wiggins is a restricted free agent in 2018. Further, with the men’s U19 team winning FIBA gold, the future certainly looks bright. A Canadian star leading the Raptors in 10 years from now may not be such a ridiculous thought.

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