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Game Three Adjustments

To say that game two was a disgrace is an understatement, but rather than letting themselves get swept, the Raptors need to make some serious adjustments prior to an obvious must win game three. Here are a list of some adjustments the Raptors should make: Start Norman Powell over Serge Ibaka You know it’s early … Read moreGame Three Adjustments

The Raptors: Dark Horse Finals Contenders

As we head into Orlando, all of the media sites have a few favourites. Some pick one of the two juggernauts in L.A, led by former Raptor Kawhi Leonard and Raptor Killer Lebron James. Others see the regular season domination of the Bucks and assume that it’s a wrap. I’m not going to necessarily disagree … Read moreThe Raptors: Dark Horse Finals Contenders

Serge Ibaka Sits Down With Uninterrupted

The media has so much sway over everything that we believe, and increasingly, we’re becoming more wary of everything we see, read, and consume – rightfully so. For a long time, media was all about finding cultivating ways to tell stories about people, and in sports media, those people were athletes. Too often however, athletes … Read moreSerge Ibaka Sits Down With Uninterrupted

Why Norman Is Stormin

In a season highlighted by the rise of players such as Terence Davis and Chris Boucher, Pascal Siakam continuing growth as a star, OG Anunoby and Marc Gasol looking like all-defence players, Kyle Lowry failing to let father time catch up, and Fred VanVleet surprising some, it is easy for those not belonging to the … Read moreWhy Norman Is Stormin

Orlando’s mental toughness requirement favours the Raptors

Basketball this year isn’t going to be the same. Around ten games have been sliced off the end of the regular season calendar for the top 22 teams in the league, while the bottom 8 squads have been dismissed for golf season and won’t play an NBA game until December. There have been major alterations … Read moreOrlando’s mental toughness requirement favours the Raptors

Pascal Has Much More Room to Grow, and That’s Great

As I sat there, casually absorbing some statistical information, something had caught my eye; in wins, Pascal Siakam averages 25.0 PPG on a stellar .591% true shooting rate. In losses, those numbers spiral downwards to become 19.4 PPG on an abysmal .461% true shooting rate. While there was a stark difference in time played in … Read morePascal Has Much More Room to Grow, and That’s Great

Happy anniversary, Raptors fans

One year ago, Kyle Lowry walked out of the Toronto Raptors’ locker room in Oracle Arena. As he stepped foot out that door, his walk to glory began. It was a mere three days after the Raptors had lost in crushing fashion on their homecourt. On the night of January 10th, Toronto was up 3-1 … Read moreHappy anniversary, Raptors fans

Appreciating Nick Nurse – from management, to scheming, to bobbleheads

Looking back on the race to win the Toronto Raptors’ head coaching vacancy just a couple of summers ago, it’s hard to imagine what life would have been like if Nick Nurse had not been selected. What if one of the other finalists were picked instead? Would Ettore Messina, or Sarunas Jasikevecius have led the … Read moreAppreciating Nick Nurse – from management, to scheming, to bobbleheads

Raptors Cage’s Non-Lottery Fantasy Draft

Last week, Raptors Cage took our own shot at drafting two 15-man rosters, with a $100M salary cap, using all current players’ contracts from the 2019-2020 season. One busy week of NBA news and rumours later, we decided to take our jab at another fantasy draft – this time, with no salary restriction, but one … Read moreRaptors Cage’s Non-Lottery Fantasy Draft

Do the Raptors still have a shot at repeating?

Last year at at this time, folks in Toronto were packing every sports merchandising store nearby, hoping to snatch up a Raptors jersey crested with the legendary #2. The more daring of us paid a visit to our barber shop and shocked everyone in sight when we walked out with braids, claiming we just wanted … Read moreDo the Raptors still have a shot at repeating?

Raptors Cage’s $100M Fantasy Draft

NBA executives are often criticized for their ability to build a roster – almost as if luring marquee free agents, acquiring high draft picks, and making lopsided blockbuster trades that swing the pendulum of the league’s power are as simple as NBA2K makes it seem. Disclaimer alert: we didn’t do much to expose the other … Read moreRaptors Cage’s $100M Fantasy Draft